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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 13:00

325 people die each year from drug

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Çitil Kahramanmaras Provincial Director of Health Policy , said that 325 people died each year from drugs .

Kahramanmaras Provincial Director of Health Policy Çitil , said that killed 325 people from drugs each year. Photo Kahramanmaras Provincial Health Office, Provincial Police Department Special Health Services Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices by Branch Kahramanmaras Dairy Imam University students'definitions of drugs, chemicals structure and types of'Created on panel. Photo KS panel held at the conference hall Senemayş Avsar campus , began with a minute of silence and the National Anthem read. Then headmaster Assoc. Dr. Sea Üçel made ​​the opening speech.
Then podium from Kahramanmaras Provincial Director of Health Policy Çitil , said his country is reduced to the elementary level of dependence on age in general . Photo Bleaching , in his speech said:Photo \"in our country in recent years also on the agenda of replacing the drug and substance abuse utilization fell to the level of our primary school age children . this article is a very dangerous situation for all our children and our students. according to the data we get from our Police Department citizens just died of a drug within a year , the number of our young 325 utilization rate excluding marijuana Looking at the adding ratio of around 60 thousand . about 4 thousand of our young people are being treated , respectively. this shows that our country and a very important issue for young people with guarantee of our future . at the beginning of rather 1900 during the first years of the establishment of the Republic of tobacco, with alcoholic beverages and drugs to fight'Hilal-i-Ahd's name continues to currently work as a Temperance Society was established . And the year is continue to work in collaboration with other institutions. \"Photo also seen as often in adults except for children's television and Çitil attention to internet addiction ,\"especially elementary school , middle school , high school and all of our students who are college-age I would like to draw attention to the dangers awaiting them forward for our children . Seventy seven of all our countrymen , which is why our citizens to remain motionless television , internet addiction and the health system as a result of our sedentary life with corruption and unable to think as I think we are becoming a society research. After the EU rate watching TV I know we're second , \"gave expression to the place . After Photo speeches, panel chairman Dr. Ismail Kahraman , pharmacist Ayşenur readers , police officers psychologist Hakan Ulutaşl with Erhan Çelik, the students in their respective fields'definition of drugs chemical structure and types'gave information about . Photo showing great interest in the conference hall of the Panel and click the click I filled out my college students, the questions that arise , leading to the panelists , they went looking for answers. Photo

325 people die each year from drug" comments for.


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