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  • 21 Ağustos 2013, Çarşamba 17:18

'Balıkesir teachers do not have the space'

'Balıkesir teachers do not have the space'
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Balıkesir Provincial Education Director Sabri Caner, 190 thousand students in 2013-2014 academic year and 12 thousand teachers across the province will start, said: " On 16 September, before the season starts in Balikesir teacher education have no trouble. Teachers' conditions of Turkey with 97 percent occupancy rate it's on. Itsy Bitsy problems and trouble to pass except for the schools is ready to believe. " she said.


Balıkesir Provincial Education Director, for the 2012-2013 academic year, Cihan News Agency (Cihan) spoke to reporters. The closure of the 2012-2013 academic school year started to work for the new expression Caner,"a more comprehensive, better environment, the physical structures of the commissions established for the purpose of accelerating the improvement and transfer the converted schools, created an emergency action plan. Schools open Sept. 16 deadline Growing stepped up to the whole."he said.

Caner, 4 +4 +4 system of schools within the framework of the completion of conversion by transferring the converted is certain that the names of the schools, he said. The transfer of teachers and students in these schools are doing with the pointing Caner,"Also, Ataturk, planned destruction of the Republic and the Kayabey Elementary School. Republic and Atatürk Primary School was auctioned. Balıkesir by the new system was converted to a total of 37 schools. According to the law in our province In almost all the schools were divided into primary and secondary school. working for three months as a result of the commission's work done."he said.

schools open until September 16 except for minor problems, school readiness and trouble Caner Sabri pointed out that they think will pass, he continued:"In addition, provincial, district, group disability, more the norm, administrative assignments during this period with an optional assignments is done. seriously intense work for other assignments in progress. 60-66 months before the Ministry of Education, students, parents kaydedilebiliyordu school petition. However, this time the initiative was completely parent. 67-68-69 months of this year, the parents or guardians of children still the request will be sent to school. Again 69-70-71 pediatrician does not want to send them to school month the children if the parents will be sent a report to school. parents known for this opportunity."

money per student will be sent to schools

in Balikesir, this year, 190 thousand and 12 thousand teacher education and training of students who begin in the information Caner Balıkesir Provincial Director of Education, also spoke about the benefit of recording on the agenda every year. Caner, he said:"Mr. Minister and Ministry statements that are not considered for the benefit of recording continuous parents. Ministry of schools, schools for cleaning and other expenditures per student is working to send money. Their parents at the request of the donor parent during the registration process, but the difficulty which may be bildirsinler us the names of the officers."

campus in the planned motorway that has continued to work for the project Caner said that the project is a long-term and arduous process. Caner noted that there was a shortage of teachers in Balikesir,"Teacher's on the conditions of Turkey with 97 percent occupancy rate. Even if some of the branches have surplus of teachers. Our city, Banda and Edremit school, albeit small, there is trouble. Hopefully these problems as soon as possible will work to remedy. Balikesir SBS in the last year, according to the results YGS LYS and see that it is much better than in previous years. Ministry announced this year's ranking of the provinces of success. However, this year the momentum achieved in the past years than putting something on studies well come to a point. children's success and to the success of other cities of our province exert our best efforts. wish to pass a successful academic year 2013-2014."he said.

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