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  • 23 Temmuz 2013, Salı 13:27

'Foreign language' national problem

'Foreign language' national problem
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Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Director Professor of Foreign Languages ​​High School. Dr. Clever King, needed to be integrated with the changing global world, foreign language, said that Turkey has become a national problem.

foreign language learning, underlines Prof. behind European countries abided. Karakaya, bias and anxiety due to language learners speaking phobia has occurred while said.

sightseeing, foreign trade, social networking, education was the essential part of life in many areas such as foreign language now. His wife get on with someone who is unfamiliar, sitting in the same street build relationships with foreign nationalities neighbors, have faced ask the tourists or anyone traveling abroad from being a luxury to a great need not to be in need of a foreign language into the business world, the profession has become more important. According to statistics, a good multi-lingual people who do not know the risk of losing your job easier, such as employing less than that. Globalization is a powerful country, who want to be the leader of the community still needs to teach a foreign language.

"Turkey is below EU standards"

20 percent of Turkey's population can speak fluently in a foreign language that inform the Director of Vocational School of Foreign Languages, Professor. King, 'It does not figure very large by European Union countries. Around 78 per cent of the EU countries. Even in countries where a very small percentage of foreign language speech concludes 95s. Turkey, the rate of speaking a foreign language is far below EU standards. Fluent in speaking a foreign language have to get at least 60 percent-70. Our country is going in front of globalization. Developing both economically and socially awesome. The road to the great state of Ottoman heritage to good use. And it is therefore extremely important that we have to use the target language. 'Gave the information.

"Talk to beat phobia"

must overcome phobia of speaking in a foreign language learned in addressing emerging Prof. Dr. Clever King, 'we think about foreign language before learning a foreign language. Can I get it I wonder, can I talk to, I wonder what this says, as if to say that there are concerns. This is reflected in every part of our lives. Kişiselleştirdiğimiz to talk to you and learn a foreign language is prevented. I wonder what he said when he asked someone something, I rush and see if you fall. Brain closing the memories we make haste. Even when you understand the subject the student to submit a response, the predicate complement trying to find. Their line-up is trying to implement themselves. As such, losing speech fluency. This is becoming a phobia of repeating the pattern several times. When faced with the fear of foreign. Turkey has a phobia of such a conversation. Encounter any difficulties with speech on foreign language education for children living in the school to give, I need to teach."He said.

"The language taught in pre-school period"

all aspects of the issue of a foreign language that serves as a national problem OMU Vocational School Director Professor of Foreign Languages. Dr. Clever King, the problem persisted educational policies, practices and expert determination should be resolved, he said. Tackled the issue of pre-school education in a foreign language, Prof. underlines the need. Dr. King, 'Foreign language giving great effort, but we spend a lot of money are successful. Therefore, a foreign language, a national problem. This is the basis of the problem of human disturbance training and education system. Foreign language education, pre-school period should be given. Politicians and administrators about the educational policies of foreign languages, but experts identify. 'He said.

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