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  • 06 Şubat 2013, Çarşamba 16:54

'Sierra, seeing people in the dark'

'Sierra, seeing people in the dark'
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A source told the New York Post newspaper, Türkiye'deöldürülen American Serai Sierra is connected with some criminal elements, and the FBI is investigating this claim.

After the disappearance of an American killed in Turkey Sarai

​​interesting investigation of the Sierra it has been claimed. According to the New York Post newspaper

American FBI agents during a trip to Sierra Istanbul trip in advance and assesses the possibility of interviewed persons implicated in the crimes. Speaking at the newspaper, a source close to the case,"many open spot var'dedi need to be answered. Upon arrival at Istanbul

American women on January 7, Amsterdam on 15 January, 16 January, went to Munich on 19 January, returned to Istanbul emerged. Speaking at the paper source, this journey to Sierra's first people interviewed suggested that the criminal element. Sierra

witnesses who claimed that some of the darker types with people, this source, the agents were examining this issue, he said.

'FAMILY STORIES LYRICS AÖIKLAMIYOR' published in the New York Post, news, Sierra material not in good condition, with an emphasis family went bankrupt in 2005, Sierra's journey church with the help of her husband, and realized that the bus driver said. In order to meet the costs of the funeral details removed from sale in Sierra appeared in the photos taken.

'Sierra, seeing people in the dark'" comments for.


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