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  • 20 Ağustos 2013, Salı 17:01

'We have read as brothers and sisters'

'We have read as brothers and sisters'
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As college students, based on a voluntary basis, to establish the social networking site on facebook 'help I'm in''s page Members 'brothers and sisters as we read' project has developed.

both primary and secondary schools as well as for students at high school level project stories, tales, novels, textbooks, collected 500 books were distributed to the question bank. Collected antique and western classics, fairy tale books, popular novels, reference books for students preparing for college, the Walled City neighborhood homes were visited and distributed. HELP I am here, Group President Joseph Beran shooter, enlightened people reading a book, he said that informs and educational qualifications. Thanks to the habit of reading books, stay away from evil people play a role in shaping the character of the shooter for a better tomorrow, with the aid of 500 books collect and share them expressed the scope of the project. Hitting,"collected 500 books. Assist us in this matter, which collects books from the event with us, talking about our project environment and would like to thank everyone who contributed. Diyarbakır the people, government officials and businessmen look forward to supporting our projects. Diyarbakır increased our support for the people and all humanity do big projects. Assistance is very important to us. society evil, but can be removed thanks to the help. the same way, the so-called bad people in the general population, but imparted to aid the community. Assistance act of uniting people, are the size of a universal provider of unity and togetherness. therefore religion, language, , regardless of racial discrimination to be useful to society, help, I am here, to help, and the basic principle of the family,"he said.

day earlier moral orphans, physically disabled students YGS morale and motivation on projects carried out on about the shooter, realized that they were happy with the projects said.

'We have read as brothers and sisters'" comments for.


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