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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:51

4 Different Training Academy from Atsou

4 Different Training Academy from Atsou
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Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ACCI ) Chairman Çetin Osman Budak , room by Academy conducts training activities in-house training program organized ATSO reported 4 will be different .

Antalya news: Photo ATSO Academy \"E-Bookkeeping E-Book Editing, E-Business Management and E-Marketing\", \"phone Successful Communication Techniques \", \"Direct Purchase Method , Profitability Trade \", \"Workplace Innovation and Creativity ( Innovation ) Unconventional Thinking-Innovation with a Difference spell entitled \"reported 4 that different training programs organized . Photo ACCI President Çetin Osman Budak , will be held the first week of November with the education of November 4 will be held from 18 November to 40 Hours \"E-Bookkeeping E-billing arrangements , E-Business Management and E-Marketing \"will begin the program , he said. Budak, instructor Murat will be given by Demirkol and 40 hours in a program, e-invoicing and e-book relationship, e-book applications and legislation , software programs, e-book applications, e-books and e-archives relationship, e-invoicing and e-arşiv relations and noted that the subject would give information about the process , including the sub-titles. photo Budak, 5 of which will be held in November \"the phone successful communication Techniques training\"the instructor Tulin will be given by Tumturk and communication in education, listening skills and listening techniques, the phone successful communication, use the phone tone , factors that disrupt communication on the phone , to understand the needs of the caller , professional courtesy and some phone rules, the power of positive attitude , 5 forbidden words, deal with angry customers , to avoid emotional reflection on the subject said he would give detailed information to the participants.
\"Towards Purchase Method , Profitability Education in Commerce \"will be held on November 6, while the states Budak, \"This will be taught by Hope Çakırhan . Participants role in the business of buying through this training and purposes, the right of purchasing strategy, new trends in the purchasing function in the evolving world economy , basic purchasing process , purchasing process, documents and workflow, relations with the acquisition of the logistics , access to the inventory cost , buy take the advantage of the computer within the organization of the purchase , the purchase of quality responsibility , supplier types, supplier relationships and will get detailed information on valuation issues , \"he said . Photo Budak , in the November 7 \"Workplace Innovation and Creativity , unusual thoughts-Innovation with a Difference spell training \"would be . in statements about education will give Wishlist Alba's Rivet Budak, \"this training , participants will have the chance to evaluate themselves with examples of innovation from the world. In addition, the methods required for institutional change , the development of thinking skills , the main step in innovation, innovative thinking to develop sustainable innovation can be on , they will be informed on issues such as innovative for the purpose , \"he said . The detailed information ATSO Academy's social media accounts about the Photo Training ACCI can be monitored and reported on the website Budak, ACCI will continue unabated, the Academy's training , he added .

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