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  • 03 Ağustos 2013, Cumartesi 18:21

4 hours Qur'an teaches

4 hours Qur'an teaches
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Forest Industry Engineering graduate Yenibosna Bronze Selçuk Hatun Mosque orator myself, as soon as the Quran to teach citizens the advantage of knowledge of engineering, with a photographic memory and mental technique uses the method developed rhythmic-melodic.

After graduating from high school

orator Imam Forest Industry Engineering Department of Istanbul University, continuing at this time working as imams in various mosques in the Bronze Age, has continued to work as an imam at the end of undergraduate education.completion of 15 years of Imamate Bronze

served the citizens of engineering knowledge to teach the Koran in a short period of time, utilizing the rhythmic-melodic with a photographic memory and mental developed method uses the technique.

of the most important tasks of Muslims in Ramadan learn the Holy Quran, teach it to others and understand that voicing Bronze, tomorrow will realize Kadir Night Special"Night of Qadr Learn, Read a Lifetime"slogan, is preparing a program said.

Abraham Bronze free program will begin Tarawih prayer, reported sahurla ends.

Education materials, producing, distributing free

Abraham Bronze, training, and use them to produce all the materials and supplies they offer free of charge to participants, he said.

materials for memory Emphasizing that the Bronze Age, teaching methods, said:

"In this program, more letters have made a study of mental retention and kavratmaya. letters in alphabet, learning to read the Koran very important to complete. lessons here only letters teach one. similar letters to each other, just like phone numbers, group teaching to keep in mind. Mesela'elif, be, te, SE at the single syllable 'turf, huh, I teach hı'yı in the form of a single syllable, the 28th letter of 28 words 16 instead of realizing group. Moreover we add to it the melody and rhythm.

In this way, all the letters have been replaced by the memory is permanent. photographic memory technique to be learned in other courses in the system adding the letters. Metoda tablomuzda'ceket'deyip when we look at a special, benzeyen'cim'harfini showing him as voice. capitalization is important here is the picture of the establishment of similar connections. Örneğin'te'harfinde for a pair of slippers, because it is in the form of a connotation of double point is made.

However, all training systems, as well as to repeat this phenomenon is essential. apply the method, and the retention of activity are important. Just not teaching, writing with the system ilerletiyoruz perçinleşmiş."

5 years, 5 thousand people, the Quran education

Abraham Bronze, professionally implementing this system for about 5 years, 5 thousand people on the teachings of the Holy Quran reported by this method.

Qadr out of training"weekend, learn to read a lifetime"for those in prison"Learn the inside, outside read"for those who do Hajj"in Mecca, learn, read country,"he reminded organizing various programs Bronze,"Training seven seventy covers everyone. intensive program Qadr is only caters for under 40 years of age. citizens also internetten'ibrahimtunc training'ile Youtube video sitesinde'İki Qur'an taught how to day? 'as typing, examine,"he said.

4 hours Qur'an teaches" comments for.


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