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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:53

4 Regional Representative Appoints Asimd

4 Regional Representative Appoints Asimd
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Headquartered in Igdır , Combating International Association Unfounded Armenian Allegations ( ASİMD ) Chairman Celestial Gülbey , in Turkey , Southeast , Marmara, Black Sea and the Aegean Region announced that they appoint representatives .

Iğdır news: Photo ASİMD the President of the heavenly Gülbey the association at the meeting in the building , in addition to their work in Europe and the Caucasus as the organization as well , saying that they have opened representative offices in 8 provinces in Turkey , \"Our goal is to open a representative office in all of our cities at the end of 2015. We authorize the creation of this agency regional offices have made the assignment. visiting the city for the regions representative of our region we have assigned to do the assignment if deemed appropriate by declaring our headquarters identify representatives from the city and so ASİMD will be represented in Turkey's 81 provinces , \"he said .
\"as we approach the the so-called Armenian genocide 100th anniversary these days we want to work with a strong and organized organized in the face of the lies of the Armenian lobby , \"said Gülbey , he continued as follows:Photo \"Headquartered our representative requests are sent both the phone through our website. we assign the presidency this area to evaluate this claim. Southeast was Irfan , Ali Gülbey Marmara , Black Sea and Aegean Uslan Veziroğlu Sezai Taşdemir is assigned. Representative our friends will start to roam the city in the region in the coming months . Since January of 2015, Turkey general information conferences in our city under the leadership of our present representatives , the panel will open and edit photo exhibitions . Now this lie , the truth must be told all our people exhibited . Asimder would do our people not leaving them alone in supporting this work. \"

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