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  • 22 Mart 2013, Cuma 08:52

4 Steps to Healthy, Fluffy Hair!

4 Steps to Healthy, Fluffy Hair!
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In winter, freezing soğuklarına persist, hair and want to keep your skin healthy and soft? Here are some suggestions.

day stress, eating habits, hair structure, a disease that may affect the potential of your hair during the day set aside for a moment to think about how much you want exposed to external stimuli. Harmful sun rays, weather conditions, air pollution, electric tools we use for our hair shaping, hair creams or sprays And drive, not enough space in contact with dirty hands in your hair entanglement in continuous ...

hair, we can get all of these effects, fades sönükleştiğinde head, leaves the ends of the wire, a kind of elektriklenerek yatışmadığında and sudden spills and multiplies, and what to do if you think an alarm will be triggered. However, there's no need to come to this stage! Minor changes in the health and vitality of your hair with your care day be able to keep.


When you wash

not dry!

2 Take care Hair tips


3 Use

hair care mask!


effective hair moisturizing cream for everyday use, whether at your fingertips!

To protect your hair, or spend hours in
No need to burn your pocket. And that the products you use the contents of this
products, hair mask, hair mousse to add products easily accessible, such as
enough. Try it, you will feel the difference in 4 steps!

About the Author:Asli Yazır EM freelance writer and translator. It's , , a comma, super! , Hand in hand, EM and Marie Claire Turkey Yacht Turkey has written articles in magazines such as EM.

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