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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:39

"40 Year's secret araştırlar a pillow, the first 'intent' output

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'A pillow over 40 years' passing secrets able to stay married for a long time were investigated.

Marmara University, Faculty of Science, Department of Sociology Asst. Assoc. Dr. Independent of 15 people led by Mehmet Ali Balkanlıoğlu Family and Social Policy Research Group, 'Long marriages Sırları'nı explored. One and a half year-long project to collect data from questionnaires, interviews and document analysis and observation techniques were used. Dozens of marriages in the family a long profile of one to one interviews were removed.

Moral Economy provides information related to the research published in the journal Asst. Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Ali Balkanlıoğlu, the conclusions reached in a very interesting, he said. For example, the negotiations did not kill many people saw the love that you believe marriage is opposed to the transfer Balkanlıoğlu,"in love with some of them getting married spouses, others are in love after marriage, but marriage is about love, many couples agree not kill. There are also those who can not describe the love, the love of his wife, who described as are also available. many marriages is little or no physical violence. Verbal violence is violence, not counting the one. So you call the marriage partners to one another salt-pepper shouting long as the dominant understanding of who they are married."she said.

peer-to capture the variety of work within the framework of a very different group from every angle. Workers in İçleinde officer, teacher, lawyer, house mistress, and the retirement of the driver as well as peer-to-reach so many occupational groups, in terms of religious life to prayer five times with binding kaçırmayanlar are also available. As well as between the spouses Alevi and Sunni, while previously married Muslims and Christians have migrated to Turkey. Also the economic income, gender, age, education and many other aspects of diversity Managed. Here are some of the secrets to a long marriage is being transferred as a result of Operation:

Intent:The first and most important condition for a long and happy marriage intention. This intention in the long-married person, marriage begins, then continues. This is for those who want a long and happy marriage intention, from the beginning of the individual's thoughts about marriage begins, and yet continues until death.

hit mate preference:One of the secrets to a long marriage hit the choice of spouse. Should be the one to marry a good wife first, and then must find a good wife. Both of these alone is not enough. He is a good choice, but he does not do a good wife or a good wife olamamışsa, is dreaming a long and happy marriage. Nothing is one-sided.

active patience:the philosophy of life of the people of today, unfortunately,"live fast, quickly consume the 'format. Therefore, many things, is consumed very quickly, even during the bitirilmekte-engagement, relationships, divorces are weakening, and immediately after they had. Whereas, in the name of quality of the relationship, and more patience is very important.

appropriate responsibility human nature:I Human is natural (nature) reject things that are not available to him. Therefore, you must not fight instinct. Human nature, proportionate and appropriate division of responsibilities between the spouses in marriage, marriage is one of the most important parts.

consultation with every job:the most effective way to show your partner that you care, give attention to his ideas. 'Consultation error that does not' mean anything more is promised in marriage. They put out the importance of long-married consultation, the decision is extremely important when you stated that consultation of the spouses to each other and their families.

forecast sacrifice:If you want to know that you will be so happy in marriage, see how much you can do sacrifice. Marriage is synonymous with the word sacrifice. In the absence of a large proportion of divorces in peer-sacrifice plays on people's doors. A long and happy marriages, spouses persistently emphasized the most important glue can sacrifice. Two very good examples of sacrifice, the sun and the earth. Warms up to everyone to enter expectation, enlightens and constantly give, including those who would harm them.

Prayer:Although a distance although metaphysics of modernity, with postmoderniteyle metaphysics began to be delivered to the right again. Metafiziksiz a world is not possible. Nowadays, the treatment of diseases, communication, education, etc.. the power of prayer is expressed consistently in all areas.

Others:Trust, respect-ending love, undying loyalty, to rekindle the fire of love, sexual compatibility, new lies, tolerance and forgiveness, acceptance, empathy, children, contentment and abundance, a reasonable expectation of an adequate amount of materiality, to be metered, pay attention to privacy, anger control, forget the beauty of the downsides to repeat the common social activities, his eyes look in the mirror, respect for family, spouse, surrender, fight a battle instinct, a qualified discussion.

"40 Year's secret araştırlar a pillow, the first 'intent' output" comments for.


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