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  • 11 Ağustos 2013, Pazar 15:02

40th 40 thousand students in

40th 40 thousand students in
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40th academic year anniversary of Gaziantep University, in 2013-2014 the number of students who will register 40 thousand 9 thousand students will.

number of students to the University of Gaziantep, indicating that they were proud of the academic development Rector's staff was outstanding. Dr. Yavuz Coskun, Gaziantep University, all of this success is that of community.

2013-2014 academic year, 14 thousand 763 thousand 126 undergraduate and 20 graduate students in education and training will begin recording Rector. Dr. Yavuz Coskun, this figure is based on the master's and doctoral students expressed the limit of 40 thousand. 60 thousand foreign students from the University of Gaziantep was the world this year, about 400 foreign students who expressed plans to Coates yaptırmasının more records, 'the number of students to the University, both academic staff adds even more strength every year. Gaziantep University, the community continues to support community-supported social projects. Social awareness projects, such as the projects Internship project strengthens the ties between the university community university, industry in Gaziantep, Turkey is an important industrial center for the provision of information will continue to take giant steps."He said.

Middle East Technical University in 1973 and an affiliate established as a faculty, University of Gaziantep in the intervening 40 years, 40 thousand students nearing became a training slot. 15 faculties, 4 schools, 10 vocational schools and 4 high-quality universities in Turkey, one of the institutes of the university, the students look forward to welcoming the new academic year, 40 thousand lives. Rector Coates, 'This is the Gaziantep University, Gaziantep, as well as a proud achievement. University community and all who supported us in this growth has contributed to the city of Gaziantep. Thousands of university students in the fortieth nice opening the door, the star cluster will continue to add new glitter."He said.

40th 40 thousand students in" comments for.


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