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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:03

43 Successful Employee Award in Bilecik Police Department

43 Successful Employee Award in Bilecik Police Department
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Bilecik Police Department officers and 10 police chief and commissioner 33 police officers , due to the successful work they do \"Certificate of Achievement \"and rewarded.

Bilecik news: Photo Provincial ceremony held at the Police Department meeting room , began with the distribution of prizes. Award-winning Class 2 Safety Manager Zafer Erdogan and vital Maples, 3.Sınıf Police Chief Sezai cases, Class 4 Police Chiefs Kamuran Turan and Seyhan Yildirim success documents Bilecik Provincial Police Director Class 1 by Police Chief Job Özüdoğru , other police awards were presented by the officers in the unit to which superiors .
then gave a speech Provincial Police Director Job Özüdoğru , hearts , all staff said he wanted to reward success with this document. Bilecik where about 1.5 years , Özüdoğru indicate that they are satisfied with the whole staff, \"us as the organization also our hope that city, I do not think there is a complaint . They are also satisfied . I think this task they are doing their utmost dedication task all our friends when . Personnel, Saturday market , holidays, I think the feast saying Geceli they strive to ensure that day-the peace of our great sacrifice town and security. we want to reward to bring this opportunity to all our friends express our satisfaction , but conditions can do so as permitted in many things. for the work they again managed to again thank our friends . \"Photo \"BILECIK'< strong> TA THOUSAND 700 registered foreign SEEKERS hAVE \"Photo Bilecik in public about strangers is often different information , stating that he thought it was due to missing information, Provincial Police Director Özüdoğru , \"in our city, whether in registered foreign asylum status , should get foreigners from staff in other matters relating to ikametl majority of 90 per cent of around 700 thousand foreign citizens have a lot of different countries. Especially in Northern Iraq , Afghanistan, the number of foreigners who reside in Syria document from places like Iran or the number of arrivals to our city from Syria, according to figures of around 175 of those registered. This is the figure across the province . The majority of them under close almost all records . Because they know themselves when they also recorded a number of rights , there are opportunities to benefit from social services . For him they are going to come running to register. Is there any unregistered Syrians are maybe 5 or 10 or if you say , there is no or there are no foreigners in our city because of any problems or have any discomfort of our people in general. But from time to time offenders are becoming a must. But in general we do not have a problem . We strive to show our utmost to avoid them all. Work our utmost to ensure you have a record as we do not have a have a problem against foreign hardship peaceful and secure will do absolute , \"he said .
\"BILECIK'< strong> TA TRAFFIC BIGGEST PROBLEM \"Photo Bilecik'ta underlined that the biggest problem is the traffic Özüdoğru , \"Traffic , one of the biggest issues in our city . Much as we can , human power, so we are trying to do something on our own , but not completely solvable problems in our study . Traffic-related applications will begin after winter tire 1 month. Although not mandatory winter tires on special tools are required for commercial vehicles . Small street or in other ways in our absolute must for winter tires. Inputs and outputs are working for our city to plate recognition system . We want to do it quickly . We work on the new Chief of Police Headquarters . Did not meet our needs and we try to make our place because the current location is inadequate in terms of security and our plan . Area Traffic Control Department regarding the location of the new terminal building next to our finished project is ready . We plan to take the foundation has already made ​​tender. City need about our organization as we are trying as much as we can as well as staff . We are glad our staff . We are pleased all of our friends. We want to reward all our staff, but as their position , where they work as they all deserve the award. \"


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