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  • 12 Eylül 2014, Cuma 14:31

4.5 Monthly Baby Off Intestinal Surgery

4.5 Monthly Baby Off Intestinal Surgery
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5.4 month old baby in the army in the town of Fats'rolls off bowel surgery'was performed.

Ordu news: 5.4 month old baby in the army in the town of Fats'rolls off bowel surgery'was performed.
Hospitalized due to sudden illness Salih Tuna 4.5 month old baby to Sarıtiken intussusception ( bowel rolls ) was diagnosed . Doctors, mother Ayşe Nur Sarıtiken but this problem can be solved with surgery , he said. 4.5 month old baby Salih Tuna Sarıtiken Fats State Hospital Paediatrician Oper . Dr. Erdei off by Adnan underwent intestinal rolls . Sarıtik , the butt portion of the closed surgical results became healthy .
Mother Ayşe Nur Sarıtik who said , \"Late last Friday my baby's intense pains was . First, I brought in a private hospital my baby in the intestines is in trouble and surgery needs to be said. Baby's a moment ago return to health for the surgery I agreed . a relative of my Fats State Hospital newly appointed Dr. Adnan virtue on the premise that a his wanted you to see . Dr. Adnan Erdem's our problem off the surgery can solve tell us very happy. successful operation with you baby health gained . would like to thank Doctor forever , \"he said .
grandfather Sarıtik Ramadan , the grandson said he was glad to regain his health . Fats
State Hospital Paediatrician Oper . Dr. Adnan Erdei If this is your \"Baby Salih Tuna Sarıtik , the intestine rolls because of ill health hospital for treatment came to . These disease symptoms , yellow and green as vomiting and stool is bleeding from . Intestines tangled the disease. Region only pediatric surgeon because I'm a private hospital called me and the patient I led . 20 days ago where I started to work . District conditions very well know for our patient before the university hospital want to send to have but our patients open surgery to do , off to surgery they said. We are also here to surgery , we decided . anesthesiologist and surgical preparation after the patient butt anesthetist's also by means of closed surgery by making a successful bowel have just opened . these types of patients with previously came across and I solved . Samsun and in this region the disease off not done very surprised. Therapy fluoroscopic that image allows the x-ray machine and we did. Thick intestinal fluid , giving the we see the opening of the intestines and process terminated. Our patient is doing much better and we have discharged him \"he said .

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