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  • 02 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 09:55

450 thousand women per year die from Breast Cancer

450 thousand women per year die from Breast Cancer
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Specialist Professor of Medical Oncology.

Adana news: Specialist Professor of Medical Oncology. Dr.. Sinan Yavuz, a serious health problem with breast cancer every 8 women occurs in one in the world each year about 450 thousand women from breast cancer, lost his life, but lately early detection of deaths avoided, he said. Prof.
. Dr.. Yavuz said in a statement, that 10 years ago until the breast cancer 'deadly disease' described as, today, early diagnosis of the patients for many years lead a healthy life can, through early detection of the breast for the collection is not required can be noted. Yavuz, a serious public health problem that breast cancer roughly every eight women seen in one, said:"Each year about 450 thousand women for breast cancer has lost his life that all women's cancers causes of death in 14 percent of such a high figure accounted for. Yet obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and alcohol consumption due to an increase in women more common breast cancer is diagnosed early and gets breast conserving surgery chance of being born, as well as a life-saving treatment may be possible. Indeed every two women one of the nozzle can be preserved. Nowadays, modern treatment methods for long-survival which result in this disease group, femininity is a symbol of the breast preserving the radical surgical treatment may be implemented, psychosocial care from a woman of great importance to have. For this reason, women self-examination and routine examination Never jump needed to be,"he said.
Yavuz appropriate screening tests with breast cancer earlier diagnosis of life-saving to have a role, noting that said:
"familial history of cancer and non-standard risk group was women from 20 years of monthly self-breast exam, giving them training should be initiated. was 35 years old an annual clinical breast examinations by a physician realization is proposed. 40th after the age of 2 years, 50 years since, every year mammographic screening test initiation for early diagnosis extremely importance."
risk group routine examinations at an earlier age should begin describing Yavuz,"first degree relatives with breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer, women who had high-risk groups are entering. Especially the mother and/or sister with breast cancer, women at high risk. family member at a young cancer diagnosis the person receiving the time of diagnosis age of 10 years ago, the women of screening tests must be initialized. example, the mother of 33 years of cancer were diagnosed in a woman 23 years from the annual physician clinical breast examination and breast ultrasonography with the screening process should be entered. Generally, family cancer in women with 25 years of clinical examination and screening tests for initiating the appropriate period accounted for,"he said.
of mammography, especially after age 35 is very important, pointing Yavuz said:
"35 under the age of mammography sensitivity is low, clinical breast examination and ultrasonographic examination in the foreground is happening. Suspected cases of breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), better information can give. Mammography after 35 years and more convenient method recognized internationally as the most important screening test. breast tissue heavily protected age in women regardless of mammography as well as ultrasound and MRI breast suspicious lesions necessary to clarify the path is gone. High biopsy of suspicious lesions to investigate the most appropriate approach is generating."

450 thousand women per year die from Breast Cancer" comments for.


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