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  • 19 Eylül 2013, Perşembe 16:24

4G is coming!

4G is coming!
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Minister Yildirim, gave Turkey a date for the transition to 4G

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Building with the Lightning, the internet 4G to take place in a period of transition, he said. Lightning,"talking the years. Transition to 4G will run nearby. Process from months to initialize ."He said.

Minister Yıldırım Turkcell Future Authors Project presentation held at the headquarters attended the meeting. Program, Yildirim, President of the Institute, as well as Information and Communication Technologies (ICTA) Tayfun Acarer , Turkcell General Director Mr. Ciliv, Turkcell employees and a large number of guests.

Speaking at the program

Yıldırım, Turkey shortly after the transition to 4G technology field that will occur . Lightning,"was what you expect 3G too? 2008, when the number of 3G subscribers in the world did not make $ 100 million. Gave him free 60 million in Japan. 'Ya facing our nation went to the moon flew yapmıyor'dediler still something to 3G. begins, and it also has a technology development time. peaked after rising and falling like a parabola. We also have it in a place close to the summit. we all used more efficiently. Both have had the technology, as well as less as soon as possible throughout the country. 4G ' in the policy. Years of talking. transition to 4G will run nearby. process from months to initialize."he said.


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