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5 key points for safe and comfortable to use Facebook

5 key points for safe and comfortable to use Facebook
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Do you want a safe and comfortable to use Facebook and social networking? Here are five picks on facebook ...

Kaspersky Lab's oldupu millions of people Facebook 's comfortable and safe on the use of 5 Tip gave. Here are the tips:

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1 Protect your privacy. Every information is not shared on the Internet or any holiday photo.

Sticky Thread 2 Public Internet access points, please note: Do not enter the password using a VPN. Be sure to turn off these features using Bluetooth or WLAN. This reduces the use of the charge as well as protects you against possible attacks.

3 Downloading a new application on the application Please note that the reviewers do. Well camouflaged malicious software that may be waiting for you.

4 Install the updates do. Security deficits must be turned off at regular intervals.

5 Yourself and your privacy, internet attacks Make sure to use security applications to protect.

5 key points for safe and comfortable to use Facebook" comments for.


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