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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:13

5 neighborhood Baklan Water Problem Solved

5 neighborhood Baklan Water Problem Solved
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Denizli Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DES ) General Directorate, the water needs to resolve the five districts in the county were laying new lines Baklan 22 thousand 350 meters .

Denizli news: Photo of the town of Denizli in Poplar Bean , Beyell of İcikl , Atakoy ( Let ) and 22 thousand 350 meters of new lines were installed within the scope of the project initiated in the Konak district for inadequate drinking water . Poplar in Baklan district , Beyell of İcikl , Atakoy and because of the drought, depending on the season in the Konak district is experiencing shortage of drinking water is also fed separately from their own wells of the neighborhood , so it was also found that high levels of electricity and maintenance costs.
This on the Denizli Municipality General Directorate of DES , poplar , Beyell of İcikl of drinking water Ataköy and Konak district launched the project to eliminate the need . The project already opened in the neighborhood Gelinör 15 liters/sec flow from the wellbore to the neighborhood in question was agreed to give water. According to the project prepared by the DES , the water-strapped Poplar in Bean's district , Beyell of İcikl , Atakoy and Konak district to adequate and safe drinking water supply for 22 thousand 350 meters from the new line laying , quality of drinking water from the Gelinör the neighborhood in the wellbore region was allowed to provide .
on the other hand DES in Drinking Water Department, in efforts initiated due to lack enough of the water wells in Ebecik neighborhood of Tavas while , he decided to capitalize on the replacement wells located in Altınova neighborhood. In this context, Altınova was laid a new line to the drinking water reservoirs in Ebecik neighborhood of replacement wells located in the neighborhood . Photo Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan , said they have identified the needs of the entire neighborhood with Denizli, 19 district , as soon as the solution of the problem Metropolitan Municipality said that for all its departments operate day and night . Across the city for better quality water consumption of the citizens so far 160 thousand meters of drinking water line that expresses President Zolan laid , eliminating the need will continue to be added .


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