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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 19:01

5. Ordinary District Congress was held in Kurucaşile

5. Ordinary District Congress was held in Kurucaşile
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Bartin Kurucaşile district in District 5. Ordinary Congress was held .

Bartın news: Go to the elections with a single list Kurucaşile AK Party was re-elected District President Ahmet Necati Erkal . Photo 5 . Ordinary District Congress , the AK Party , Bart's deputy Yılmaz Tunç, Provincial Chairman Yasar Arslan, Kurucaşile Mayor Mehmet mind Mr. Ulus Mayor Hasan Hüseyin Uzun, Amasra Mayor Emin Timur, Kozcağız Mayor Mustafa Karaman , Hasankadı Mayor Zeki Erdogan, the provincial government board members, county board members , provincial council was held with the participation of delegates and councilors . Presiding congressional silence that makes the Jihad of knowledge and began with the National Anthem . District Chairman and District Chairman Ahmet Necati Candidate Provincial President's speech after the Erkal Yasar Arslan gave a speech . Arslan speaking, the AK Party's 13 years until the accomplished great deeds that said they realized the historic investments in Bart's and districts. Photo Turkey's justice and the development needs arising from the AK Party's 13 years in all elections held this valve and that the first party Deputy Bronze stating that the union address become , \"AK Party from our nation's great civilizations imagination , his mind , his heart , was born from the conscience. through active internal and external policies pursued during the AK Party in Turkey and said the world has become an influential countries. Watched economic policies through the economy very strong and exited resistant whereby the receiving wounds from the economic crisis in the world. Turkey was a growing economy despite the crisis. So Turkey has to go back in any area during the 13 years of the AK Party government has been steadily gone forward , \"he said . Photo Speeches, district activities and reading the account after the submission of the report and the report on the elections with a single list of destinations District President Ahmet Necati Erkal was re-elected .

5. Ordinary District Congress was held in Kurucaşile" comments for.


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