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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:00

5 Thousand Years of Brain Surgery

5 Thousand Years of Brain Surgery
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Since 1974 İkiztepe excavations made ​​in Samsun , surgery scars on the skulls found , suggesting that they perform brain surgery about 5 thousand years ago, people lived .

Samsun news: Photo pointing devices to 3000 BC in Samsun , clay made ​​utensils, hand axes, Early Bronze Age , Hellenistic , Roman , Istanbul Archeology and Ethnography Museum with artifacts belonging to the Seljuk and Ottoman periods , the most interesting lived five thousand years before the beginning of the works comes from the skulls of the people. Skulls of the presence of traces of surgery while the interesting features . Photo discovered during Samsun Dürdartep excavations in 1940 , Bafra district İkiztepe village within the boundaries of İkiztepe bolsters, first in 1974 and the Turkish Historical Society on behalf of the Istanbul University Faculty of Letters faculty member the late Prof. Began to be excavated by a delegation led by Bahadir Alkım presidency. In 1981, after the death of Prof. Alkım Onder Bilgi excavations carried out by the hills of the presidential delegation, led , emerges around 600 graves ; in anthropological studies of skeletons, conscious of the gaps in the skull surgery were found to occur as a result . Trepanation of the oldest in Anatolia in the determination of light appeared to have been carried out widely in Ikiztepe . Ikiztepe the Late Chalcolithic were detected was used as the first settlement in the Age, that the EBA during the settlement continued without interruption and in the Middle Bronze Age in the 3rd stage , so it took until the Old Hittite Empire's founding in Central Anatolia revealed was removed. 1 of them in Bafra Museum , 3 are skulls on display in Samsun Archeology and Ethnography Museum , which collects the most interesting museums are among the human remains. Providing information about Photo Skulls Samsun Museum Directorate Archaeologist Mustafa Kolağasıoğl the \"in Samsun Museum spent exhibited surgery, so trepanasyonl the skulls were obtained from Samsun's Bafra İkiztepe blind located İkiztepe mound in the county . Excavations were carried out by Prof. Dr. Önder Bilgi of Istanbul University. They have intervened to 5 thousand years of skulls that are examples of the skull has undergone surgery. the first belong to the Bronze Age. specimens belonging to 3000 BC . in review on this skulls in surgery is thought to occur due to trauma , there is a doubt about whether an intervention to the brain. this surgery may have occurred for two purposes . the first purpose is a skull surgery to correct the injury . the second objective can be said that an intervention aimed at removing the evil spirits from the skull . But the first reason is more reasonable. Because it is a community of warriors İkiztepe community . Therefore, an intervention may have made ​​a trepanation of the skull and also said that to eliminate it. Trepanation is a technique that has been used since ancient times . They can say that from a scientific standpoint place since the Neolithic and Mesolithic periods. After the individual has experienced a certain period of the skull surgery . Because bone is seen in the healing process , \"he said .

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