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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:00

53 ICCA Congress will be held in Antalya

53 ICCA Congress will be held in Antalya
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That shape the world congress and conference tourism is coming to Antalya over a thousand professionals .

Antalya news: Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ACCI ) , but also in Antalya Convention Bureau Chairman Çetin Osman Budak, the world's most important congress organizers will bring together the meeting of Antalya, a congress destination as a recognition of great importance , he said.
Antalya 4 years Mexico before the Monterey Peninsula and the United States Huston cities compete with the nomination process , resulting in great efforts to qualify for the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) 53 Congress November 1-5 in Antalya will be held . Congress from 96 countries , nearly a thousand of congress and conference tourism professionals are expected to attend . ACCI and Antalya Convention Bureau (ACB) Chairman Çetin Osman Budak, organization for the promotion of Antalya and Turkey stressed that great importance . ICCA , Meeting Management , Meeting Support Sector , Destination Marketing Organizations, Meeting and Hospitality Venues sector , Transport and transport sectors , namely from 96 countries over a thousand members of the international meetings industry's umbrella organization , indicating that the Bowers , \"Antalya's'world congress tourism I There I'would say these organizations all work to be completed , \"he said .
ICCA 53 Congress in the international arena continued a detailed lobbying as a result of Antalya gain stating Bowers said ;
\"Antalya in 2010 began nomination process and in January 2011 three-nation shortlisted to remain again after the year 2011 held in May, the last promotional activities after the United States, Houston and Mexico Montery city standing out amongst 53 the General Assembly to host eligible were . nearly four years of work coming to an end to . approximately 850 persons delegates have registered . Convention until the day the number of thousand-thousand 200 people to come forward , \"he said .
ICCA Congress generally the same country 40 years ago has not been given reminiscent Bowers , Antalya from Istanbul 21 years after this congress , winning another broke new ground , he said.
Antalya preferred the highlights of a remarkable Budak, \"ICCA Board of Directors , Antalya is ignored too large the Convention and Tourism Meeting of the infrastructure efforts to demonstrate to ICCA members , Antalya, Antalya, its proximity to emerging markets was instrumental in preference , \"he said.
53 . ICCA General Assembly in Antalya will be held in Antalya's \"Meetings Industry\"is very important for a destination to be registered and to international markets to introduce this in terms of a priceless achievement that would be another Buddha , Antalyali investors, ICCA Congress and obtained after the facility to the maximum in order to utilize Antalya Convention Bureau , which support the continued asked .
Golden Horn Congress Center General Manager Handan BOYCE presidential candidate
in Antalya congress ICCA's future presidency of the selected indicating that Bowers , one of the presidential candidates will compete for three Golden Horn Congress Center General Manager Handan Boyce said . Turkish President in the event of the candidate selected period started very advantageous for Turkey and Antalya Bowers pointed out that , \"In this regard, we will give our utmost support ,\"he said .

53 ICCA Congress will be held in Antalya" comments for.


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