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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:24

6 Final Report of Didim Tourism Summit Announced

6 Final Report of Didim Tourism Summit Announced
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Edited 6 Didim Tourism Investment Summit this year the results of the report were shared with the public after the summit .

Aydın news: October 10th Didim Didim Chamber of Commerce Tourism Investment Summit held under the leadership of the final report was shared with the public . As a result of the summit meeting held after the final report has been prepared and shared with the press .
Report on the results of the meeting were given the following information ; \"County's character to destroy the reinforced concrete structures instead Mediterranean culture that reflects the buildings should be established City of authentic places should be protected , an aesthetic structure vehicular traffic where there is no streets and alleys must be created. Domestically and abroad a unique texture that cities should be examined and tourist resort future plans should be created. County's certain of the temple of Apollo , in the vicinity of the historic houses modeled a location should be established. Turkey's image abroad , which is all-inclusive-Cheap holidays approach must be destroyed . town in regions close to everything including the concept should be abandoned tourism outside the hotel in the making should be ensured tourists out of the hotel will remove methods should be developed . hotels and bed increase in the number of tourism has developed does not mean it should be understood . town plans building height tree size should not exceed . Aegean in the Antalya region , as mass tourism should not be large plants instead of boutique hotels should be encouraged. History and natural beauty should be preserved. Maintaining the growth of the city's existing tissue should be established for the planned city . If the character of the cities of tourism must be acknowledged that . The Ministry of Tourism Ministry should establish close relations with the region of support should be increased . Tourism investments these days from the first day of the summit reached and the case should be reported gains . Action plans should be converted to spoken . Should be increased expenditure per tourist . Contained in the report of the finance ministry methods for the prevention of tourism should be unregistered . Ensure that local products brand . All actors have a team representing the city and is required to serve the same purpose . Tourism began the day with positive and negative aspects to this day where he came from tourism should be reported. Guests of the people that we need to recognize the sociological structure . For many years, the tourism product in cities such regional delicacies and spaces should be protected in the same place years later, must have the same quality . Besides artisans and people working in tourism facilities should be ensured as certified . Employees'level of education should be increased. Anatolian people have the courage to reveal the sincerity and honesty should provide. Tradesmen's an honest to trade with tourists must show a smiling face . It should be noted that conquered the hearts . Reforestation campaign to improve the city's green tissues should be made by creating a campaign tourists who stay in our facilities can participate in reforestation efforts . 3rd generation of tourism benefits and applicability of our district should be investigated. Accordingly, life and sports and health facilities can be made ​​attractive to the aging of the European people . Our homes and our city public works of local government is required to flowering . The facades of the existing buildings and landscaping must be refreshed to reflect the local tissue . It should be known that would not work without enhancing the promotion of infrastructure . Infrastructure and planning should be very good to have people come to the city should know what . Didim recognition of the values ​​should be good . Breakthrough in the near future if we do not we cease to be a tourist town . Didim not as a destination is perceived as a part of the basement destinations need to break it . In order to eliminate shortages of people trained in this field internship period should be 90 days . Trade for events by creating a common pool of funds should be provided . The second housing to tourism should be increased efficiency of a small hotel . Pollution of our seas should be avoided . Support should be provided to small business owners . Didim for the recognition of different regions of the trip should have tools that can be toured the city \"

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