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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:14

6 kilograms of cannabis Single Channelling 8 Years in Prison

6 kilograms of cannabis Single Channelling 8 Years in Prison
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6 kilograms of cannabis herb in Elazığ caught by the police suspect that he is in court and said that marijuana smokers to quit bonsai trees .

Elazığ news: The court arrested cannabis smokers defendants due to more than the 8 years and 4 months in prison.
Elazığ Provincial Police Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch Crime Narcotics Bureau teams who ride the bus with the help of police dogs in a study conducted on July 10, 2014 Osman Atadan 6 kilograms of cannabis seized in the bag between the legs . The suspect said that he is athletic , was arrested by the court .
6 kilograms of cannabis herb related to the courthouse today Elazig 2. The first hearing in the High Criminal Court accused prisoner Osman Ata and his lawyer attended . The court asked the defendant why drug possession . The defendant ancestors, \"I got a thousand pounds of marijuana from Diyarbakir to leave Bonzai . I did not know how many kilograms. I drinker I , I get to use ,\"he said . After witnessing police of a Photo defendant's rest and listen to the court , he asked his submissions on the merits of the public prosecutor. The prosecutor deliberations , the accused drink close to 6 kilograms that's what I get for 2 kilograms of powdered cannabis can be obtained marijuana , said because it is also a smoker by too much wanted to punish the drug trade .
Last word asked defendants'regret'he said, his lawyer that they participate in the prosecutor's objection , clients that the smoker said he direction should be fine .
drug related fight , indicating the scope will decide according to recent changes in the law court , is more than the smokers the amount of drugs seized in the defendant 10 years 4 days Suggestions'imprisonment , but the sentence for good conduct in the trial said they lowered 8 years and 4 months.

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