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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:24

6 Months Passed 60 unlicensed weapons captured in Malatya

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Malatya branch of policing control his team in the last 6 months were searched in the center and seized a total of 60 unlicensed weapons.

Malatya news: Last 6 months, 856 deserters of his arrest , 195 of the arrest of them said.
Police Department, Public Security Branch teams explanation of the work carried out between 1 May to 11 November 2014 date , \"various courts in the Rights detention/arrest warrant , which is 856 individuals were apprehended , 195 persons arrested and was put into prison . suspicious of 9 intentional killings resulting caught , was arrested by the judicial authorities. 28 and 26 from gunshot wounds to the event by illuminating the suspects was arrested and conveyed to the judicial authorities. Confidence increasing the number of time occurring in 9 separate purse-snatching incident lit, suspects caught , perpetrators of the incident was put into prison arrested by judicial authorities they were removed. Phones fraud/scam and caught a total of 61 suspects in larceny offenses , these suspects from 26'have been arrested , 8's judicial control provisions are released by applying . realized 39 of 38 from mugging illuminating , captured suspects have been referred to judicial authorities. Theft with a total of 224 suspects arrested were handed over to the relevant judicial authorities. Suspicious persons and vehicles and control in applications on ; A total of 60 unlicensed guns , drugs , selling the party with the studies done for individual uses drugs is a total of 1 kilo 987 grams of the drug cannabis, 171 pieces Ectasy pills , 91 fugitives were seized mobile phones, 15 thousand 988 packets of counterfeit cigarettes and 4 thousand 550 liters of illicit fuel seized by seizing and necessary actions have been taken . Made our province as a result of all these studies is effective fight against criminals and crime in police responsibility and guilt \"the statement said .

6 Months Passed 60 unlicensed weapons captured in Malatya" comments for.


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