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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 17:22

66 years old bride arrived for the first time that the tap water came out of the house

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Antalya's Demre district 66 years ago as a bride comes home's tap water flowing for the first time 84-year-old Fatma Nine thanked the authorities .

Antalya news:
Demre home in the neighborhood 66 years ago Yavor point of the 84-year-old Fatma Düngüll , albeit after years of water flowing from the faucet of the house lived in the joy . Antalya Metropolitan Municipality teams elderly woman's house 700 meters from the pipe by putting water in restoring provided.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Demre District Coordinator Parents sertbas , \"Fatma grandmother's 66-year water starved ASAT fault our team thanks ended . Services to our people will be good . Metropolitan works , our county drinking water, road problems like every day a little more displeased , \"he said .
in Demre 66 years married Fatma Düngüll his wife in 2002 has lost four sons and three daughters , said:bride came home for the first time in the water to have their happy he said . Nine Fatma , \"water flowed for the first time for 66 years . Got rid of a big annoyance . Remote administration with water from the fountain I was carrying . They may be right , I've gained water ,\"he said .

66 years old bride arrived for the first time that the tap water came out of the house" comments for.


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