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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:21

7 people two thousand people were admitted to Roster

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Elazığ Regional Directorate of Forestry for 2 thousand people taking to the seven permanent workers when applied before a notary draw is determined by the original and replacement workers .

Elazığ news:
Elazığ Regional Directorate of Forestry tractor driver at the 4 , 3 of 7 people including operators taken as permanent workers to enter the pop-up team to the Provincial Directorate Business Exchange application was close to two thousand . Following the evaluation of the applications today tavern Regional Directorate of Forestry draw was made before a notary public . Tractor driver, after the draw for the 12 noble 12 spare , operator selection 9 9 full backup to be provided by a total of 52 people were identified. Names specified job will be candidates in Ankara exam subjected after winning seven people on the job to do .
Elazig Forest District Manager Ziya Polat number of applicants tractor driver, a thousand 600 , operator for around 400 , he said . Dear much due to the formation of the draw was made expressing Parker, \"Application more when unable to leave the possibility is reduced. We be transparent to the press and notary draw yaptık.kur shooting a precise act that we want them to know . Lottery results would be good hope ,\"he said .

7 people two thousand people were admitted to Roster" comments for.


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