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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:07

70 per cent of the population of Turkey Salaried

70 per cent of the population of Turkey Salaried
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Adana Chairman of TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Esra Ozden, receive a salary that 70 percent of the population in Turkey ,'entrepreneurship'direction does not change the table can not be entered into between the world's top 10 economies , he said.

Adana news:
TSI's monthly unemployment figures announcement date of the NTV and CNBC-e TV channels live on entrepreneurship for the development share their views Özden , Turkey's'entrepreneurial ecosystem adopts a model to pass , he said.
in Turkey working population, the majority of the public , including why 48,3'lük portion paid that 19.7 percent of the retired-widow-orphan pension recalled that Ozden, \"population 70 per cent of salary in the economy problems constantly grows. Turkey this burden for a long time can not move . growth and development provider entrepreneurship rate increase depends on . added high value for the production of men and women without distinction between the number of entrepreneurs have to increase , \"he said .
each year worldwide entrepreneurship index publication of that of the United States out of 100, 83 points in the first place on the list Turkey can not become one of the top 20 reminds Ozden, continued by saying:
\"Entrepreneurship is now regarded as one of the world's most valuable resource . Many countries on behalf of their people to make entrepreneurs implementing models , giving incentives . In fact, in order to attract entrepreneurs are establishing similar centers in silicon valley . Turkey also has taken important steps in this direction in recent years there . KOSGEB'Applied Entrepreneurship Education'and financial support should be appreciated . Entrepreneurship training for the last 4 years given 250 thousand people . However, education is only 15 thousand have attempted to start their own business . The shortage of entrepreneurial ecosystem with that successful entrepreneurs entrepreneurs with venture angels with him, bringing us to overcome essential. \"
TOBB Adana UPS as the'Woman Entrepreneur Mentor Project began recording what they Esra Ozden, \"Woman Entrepreneur Mentor Project to succeed and Turkey We hope to set an example . The project successful women entrepreneurs in the sector , coupled with practical trainees were trained in entrepreneurship . Coaching young entrepreneurs to experienced business women . Turkey will be an example that we are very pleased to implement the project , \"he said .

70 per cent of the population of Turkey Salaried" comments for.


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