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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:48

70-year-old Old Man Seat Belt Tied to Life

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Occurring in the district of Mersin virtuous seat belt in a car accident the old man , returning the car to scrap survived .

Mersin news: According to information obtained
accident, Talat Göktepe summerhouse entrance gate across the Mersin-Antalya occurred on the D-400 highway . Mehmet Goynuk going in the direction from Mersin Silifke (36) led with 33 K 7691 automobile license plates under the direction of James Shook 33 VMB 25 plate passenger van collided at the junction summerhouse . Cars slam into the median while standing stones , van refuge with the severity of the shock came . Citizens to report the scene of the accident , police and fire crews arrived at the 112 Emergency Service . Slightly injured in the accident both drivers , car drivers stated to be the father of Mustafa Goynuk (70) Although the seat belt in the front seat of the car was trapped . Health teams made ​​the first intervention by the old man in the car , as a result of the work of the fire brigade was removed from the vehicle unharmed . Of the body injured in various parts appear to 70-year-old Goynuk, treatment in order to be virtuous State Hospital has been removed.
Due to an accident D-400 highway in the security measures traffic in a controlled manner was provided.
Investigation into the accident has been launched .

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