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  • 10 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 11:58

70-year-old patient has regained her health with By-Pass Surgery

70-year-old patient has regained her health with By-Pass Surgery
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health gained by pass surgery .

Denizli news:
70-year-old patient named Muharram Akyildiz , coronary artery disease, with chronic renal failure and restrictive lung disease was admitted to the hospital with complaints of Denizli . As a result of the evaluations, Hospital Manager and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Gökhan magnitude Saçkan patients with coronary bypass surgery was performed by a team . Open surgery performed . Dr. Saçkan , \"Muharrem Akyildiz coronary artery disease and concomitant chronic renal failure pestrik have lung disease and previously a heart attack with the effect of the heart injection fraction of 35 percent dropped to a patient with us . These patients in our open-heart surgery as a coronary by-pass surgery in our hospital successfully realized. these patients, our property coronary artery disease associated with chronic renal failure and restrictive lung failure was that . for this reason, along with kidney failure who is also our patients by-pass surgery simultaneously with ultrafiltration using the heart-lung machine body with excess accumulation of fluid receiving and prevents accumulation surgery successfully realized. patient had also restrictive lung disease also because it is our patients both lung and kidney failure as well as simultaneous coronary by-pass method the surgery and coronary artery disease have achieved , \"he said .
During the operation, the patient's heart lung machine successfully was leaving save Op. Dr. Saçkan , \"Our patient one day remained in intensive care after the service was followed . Patient had postoperative day was carried out . Currently our patient to discharge plan. Our patient , in this year of kidney failure , concomitant coronary heart disease and bypass surgery successfully carried out the last fifth of our patients It was . So there is a need dialysis , dialysis bypass surgery at the same time fill the needs of our patients in our hospital to be operated successfully I want to emphasize that , \"he said .

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