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  • 26 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 17:16

72 per cent are still alive in Turkey

72 per cent are still alive in Turkey
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Provincial Health Director Dr..

Samsun news: Provincial Health Director Dr.. Joseph Koksal, Turkey unpublished report by the Nutrition and Health Survey, 71.9 percent of individuals in Turkey 's said that's still live.
of society today that inadequate levels of knowledge about physical activity of many chronic diseases of the Provincial Health Director Dr. indicating increased. Joseph Koksal,"physical activity for health importance sufficiently understood and increasingly sedentary lifestyles adoption of the society, obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic diseases such as incidence increases of the major reasons has been one,"he said.
Health conducted by the Ministry 'Turkey Nutrition and Health Survey' unpublished report based on the results individuals in Turkey 71.9 percent of flour still live underlines Koksal,"the 6-11 age group of our children, 58.4 per cent regularly ie 30 minutes per day or more for a period of exercise does not. this age group, TV, computer, internet, homework, course work still for the average time per day is 6 hours. Nevertheless our country obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease increases in the are,"he said.

with your children 20 bounces once
physical activity at all ages are beneficial to health is an expression that Koksal,"adults 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity do I propose. Exercises time to make or also because of other conditions that they might, given the day in the compulsory movement exercises can be converted to. example, in shopping malls, elevators and escalators used the stairs to prefer the bus from the earliest be mentioned, together with the children of parents 20 times jumping, mobile phone calls or walk speeches done, the TV remote is not used close-range tools for used children's dance and street theater to activities such as promoting the day can be done in the most simple activities,"he said.
Therefore weekend in Samsun rallied they also indicate Koksal,"The Ministry of Health was prepared by Turkey Healthy Eating and Active Life Programme 'under the 2014' Healthy Living and Action Year 'has been announced. For this reason, December 29, 2013 Sunday, Directorate of Health in coordination Association of Public Hospitals General Secretariat with the support of 'loved ones health're marching' themed walks organizations are holding. 10:00 am in Yesilyürt Shopping Center in front of the starting Türkiş turnoff back from the hovering Yesilyurt Shopping Center in front will end. Activities eventually the Public Health Directorate of Non-Communicable Diseases, Programs and Branch opened by cancer and apple juice will be distributed at the stand, the relevant public will be informed through flyers. all the people of Samsun and health workers are expecting our event,"he said.

72 per cent are still alive in Turkey" comments for.


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