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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 22:43

7.Kafkas Diaspora Awards Winners

7.Kafkas Diaspora Awards Winners
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Caucasus is the homeland of the award ceremony 7 percent in Kocaeli, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was held with the support.

Kocaeli news: Caucasus is the homeland of the award ceremony 7 percent in Kocaeli, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was held with the support.
Başiskele ceremony in Kocaeli, Kocaeli Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, İzmit Mayor Nevzat Doğan, Gupse Özay and many Circassian citizens attended. The Caucasian folk dance of the show began.
In Turkey Caucasian nationals Watch the news and culture site www.kafkasdiasporası.co by organized at the awards ceremony speaking Kocaeli Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu,"Here you have someone a lot bigger than we are honored . Caucasian culture that belongs to us our solution represents our richest, most profound culture is one. ever without losing time to do Circassian how a beautiful language. these languages ​​alive we need to. we past dozens of the state language of justice under one roof were in the Ottoman Empire. human from the mother, ancestors learned from the language be more natural than to have nothing,"he said.
This exclusive community to be together very happy that specifies Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe,"Turkey really quickly developing. Cities Our infrastructure with the upper structure, history and culture in every field with a major development in the. example in this regard that in course of Kocaeli belediyemiz.böyl a great ancestors of the grandchildren. Their relics are on us. did for her to have so much work. culture and we need to get out,"he said.
After the speeches, Kocaeli Mayor Abraham Karaosmanoğlu traditional Caucasian fur hat was a gift. President Abraham Karaosmanoğlu Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe'ye wore headgear. Then by the jury determined individuals were given awards.
At the ceremony,"Caucasus homeland; Special Award"Ender Senol,"the Year of the Mayor Award"Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe'ye,"Journalist of the Year Award"St. Exponential ' e given."Culture Man of the Year"award Sculptor Noah Yalcin,"Sports Man of the Year"award Former Galatasaray Chairman Adnan Öztürk was awarded.
"Artist of the Year"award was given to the player Gupse Özay. Özay, receiving the award on the show starring the highly acclaimed"Nurhayat"character doing an imitation of laughter drowned in the hall.

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