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  • 07 Temmuz 2014, Pazartesi 17:23

8 Property Purchase in Yalova Red

8 Property Purchase in Yalova Red
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Yalova Yalova with the offer for sale by the City Council brought to the municipal part of the immovable property for sale 8 was rejected by a majority vote .

Yalova news: AK Party who spoke on behalf Group President in November Avar the CHP Mayor Vefa Salman pre-election promises to remind parliament virtually slap has made an impact .
Yalova City Council July regular meeting of the first session held . The most important item on the agenda of the Assembly of the Municipality of Yalova 8 was not selling real estate . Assembly of the 5th agent interviewed sales prompt before speaking at the Municipality of Yalova MacLean AK Party Group Chairman in November Avar, \"you preceding the election a few discourse to remind you want .'1 Square feet will not sell ,'Land without selling municipal how managed to anyone who'll show','Rant gang have established Yalova sell','father of the goods they are selling like ,'mayor if 1 square feet sells'm not going .'These are your choice for rings constantly you say are the words. these words sizink now eight tracts of land sold to offer promise with at all consistent , \"he said .
these words in the Municipal Assembly has caused an icy air blowing . Speaking after CHP group deputy Şerafettin Steel said, \"A business man in trouble if their property also sells. Yalova Municipality in debt . These debts to get rid of and provides services to the land purchase is a must. Municipal bottleneck want to get rid of it if needs to be done ,\"he said . < Br/> Then who spoke Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman November Idler's remarks in response , \"I promise to answer your will . because I parliamentary politics will not do . Ben political badge took off . If this policy an answer I need to give it to the public would do ,\"he said .
immovable property to come on the agenda of the council , one of the strongest reaction came from the Zoning Commission Chairman Cemil Aydin . AK Party Member of Parliament Aydin, \"municipal very simple zoning issues even before the vote Zoning Commission is compelling . Yet Yalova in terms of so great importance 8 immovable property for sale Zoning Commission are shipped directly from the parliamentary agenda was introduced. I condemn and reject \"he spoke.
after the speeches, the voting and 8 pieces of immovable property for sale presided over the authority to authorize a majority of votes and was rejected.
in Yalova, which will be established Moulding OSB Board of Entrepreneurs in the Yalova Municipality, a member of the given subject in has caused tension . AK Party of trying to Sinan Yilmaz is noble and trust offered as alternate members . Speaking on this, the CHP group deputy Mayor Vefa Steel Şerafettin Salman's union membership would be the right decision , he added. Steel, \"ASD participants of the Governorate of Yalova , Special Provincial Administration and YTSO while this union Municipality of Yalova from the Mayor Vefa Salman this union members to be the most ethical situations ,\"he said .
On this once again the AK Party Group President in November Avar, \"Mould OSB every city council member to represent the Municipality of Yalova are enough ,\"he said . Thereupon, the CHP will not nominate for OSB Mould said. In a vote of trying to Sinan Yilmaz is noble and trust was accepted as associate members .


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