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  • 16 Kasım 2012, Cuma 13:37

82. Ambassador to Ankara for IEF, commercial attache, and the consuls were visiting

82. Ambassador to Ankara for IEF, commercial attache, and the consuls were visiting
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Izmir Fair Services A.

Izmir Fair Services, Inc. (İZFAŞ), August 29-September 8, 2013 will be held between 82 Izmir International Fair (IEF) 's begun to make preparations. Deputy General Manager Mehmet Sakir İZFAŞ Ors, R & D Director of Guest Relations and Director of International Relations with the Aegean Zeynep Acar Acar, Ankara embassy to participate in the partner country and the commercial, commercial attaché and consulates visited.

delegation to visit this year İZFAŞ'ı during IEF Arlettte Conzemius Ambassador to Luxembourg, Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina Armando Juan Jose Maffei and the return visit to Croatia, Ambassador Drazen Hrastic'e. In addition, Ambassador of Ecuador Saa Corriere'nin hosted by Alejandro Augosto diplomatic representatives of the Latin American countries was held in Ankara. Meetings and visits to the Ministry of Science of Industry and Technology Directorate General of EU and External Relations Branch Manager Protocol Services Dr. Bora Togo and the European Union and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry Counsel Deputy General Manager Ayhan Yilmaz, also accompanied them.

İZFAŞ Anvil Deputy General Manager, 82 İEF'ye international participation in trade shows and more coming to be issued in the process of ambassadors, commercial attaches and konsoloslarla doing interviews, he said. Anvil positive indicating that the talks,"the mass participation from 81 Latin American countries, Argentina İEF'ye the next fair will stand alone. Luxembourg, however, will take place effectively. Davina Bharathi Wijeratne Ambassador to Sri Lanka, 82 İEF'ye as a partner country expressed desire to participate. further increase participation in trade fairs and shows in the coming hope to strengthen multi-faceted."he said.

İZFAŞ delegation of Kazakhstan within the framework of contacts in Ankara, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Ecuador, Kenya, Croatia, Moldova, Argentina, Luxembourg, Latvia, Austria, Iran, South Africa, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, , Lithuania, Oman, Kuwait, trade Attaches visited the embassies of the Czech Republic and Libya.

82. Ambassador to Ankara for IEF, commercial attache, and the consuls were visiting" comments for.


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