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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:11

83-year-old was back to Nine Quran Reading is Learning

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Elbistan district of Kahramanmaras , 83-year-old Khan was to start , joining the Koran course that opened mufti , despite their advanced age azmedip Quran Quran learning.

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo Hz . Ali Mosque, continuing education courses opened in the Quran 83-year-old Khan was to start , despite the age of the progress taking Holy Koran lessons showed more than the Koran. 9 mother of Khan, grandson and child-year-old said that no course to miss you and great efforts show together with the other participants , noted that no age to learn the Koran. Photo Elbistan depending on Evliya Quarter born a long time ago also moved to town center turned Khan, adding that Quran learning because it does not find impossibilities and opportunities in youth , \"9 I have children. I married them all except one, thank goodness. left us a load . Hz . I learned Ali would Mosque, Koran schools opened. My children and neighbors of my I registered for the encouragement course. Now I'm learning the Quran with the support of those in our professors and courses . bless those who occasions providing opportunities God , \"he said . although a Photo later years almost all explaining that the grandchildren and children-year-old very happy to be with the trainees and the alphabet is starting Quran Quran reading that emphasizes tecvit rules persevere with Khan, \"thank goodness I can learn the Qur'an , though late . I can not say I always postponed until today . I came here to read the Quran and love of learning . I learned to read the Holy Koran book is sublime if God will grant . Learn to read the Quran and a very nice feeling for me. So far, I regret that I learn the Koran . May Allah grant Quran learning and reading everyone , \"he said . The Photo Elbistan Mufti Muhsin Demirel , 83-year-old was back , he said the grandmother of the Koran determination should be an example to everyone. The Prophet ,'Your most auspicious Qur'an learned and taught'as Demirel reminded that give good news , \"learn Quran Quran next to the important duty for every Muslim , it is also very virtuous and reward high worship . In this respect the Prophet , there are many statements full of encouragement , \"he said.

83-year-old was back to Nine Quran Reading is Learning" comments for.


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