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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:18

84-year veteran has prepared for special occasions

84-year veteran has prepared for special occasions
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Bursa Chamber of auto mechanics , scrap the 1930 model Ford WHILE refresh model car exhibits on special occasions .

Bursa news: Ahi Week, organized by the Chamber , the 84-year veteran of thousands of cars Bursa was the focus of attention .
1930 models which add color to the celebrations with a series of Ford Automobile , said these vehicles can not be priceless . Classic cars with their own hands that made ​​stating Bursa Auto mechanic Chamber Chairman Abdulkadir Kargılı, \"a tourism belonging to the car about 2 years feet have removed . This Ankaralı a jeweler of the children have received . That 5 have been the 5, the one we got . Them for years tried so hard to make this we brought . course, they then in this way was not . this means each part of the original , non-original parts is achieved is done. these agencies do not . parts manual labor is done. Bursa of these tools nearly got 20 . Only from this series in Bursa 7 have one. these seven vehicle that becomes 10 years have passed . them a renewed two years ago does not end . each get what's going on, tiles, glass, frame, tires . Ozen , you wonder if that would be nice . random book you will not . this 1930 model ., 29, 30 and 31 models are available. these three models . American-made Ford series. Various colors , four-door , single door , four-door roofed, single-door open-top shape can be , \"he said .
\" vEHICLE CHECK tHIS FORMAT hope that can not be found on the market \"
Kargılı expressing this tool can not be priceless ,\"this car lovers 500 billion , 100 billion does not like . So it is understood at 300 , 500 are also not understand , but this work does not get it in 50 billion . This is very valuable for me because I've tried it 2 years , 2 years labor gave . Even if you have money you will not find a car like this . These tools need to use power more than contempt . You can go wherever you want to enjoy the ride . You need to use every day , \"he said .

84-year veteran has prepared for special occasions" comments for.


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