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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 13:03

89 physicians and 29 specialists assigned to Manisa

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Its share of the provinces of Manisa most recent doctor's appointments are also available.

While 36 doctors appointed three experts in the appointment of compulsory service

20 GPs, 26 specialists and dentists in seven central and district assigned to the in-house.

Accordingly, the Central State Hospital Master 2, Manisa State Hospital to the 1, 5 Akhisar State Hospital, Philadelphia State Hospital 3, Blacksmith State Hospital 2, Gölmarmara State Hospital 1, Gordes 4 of the State Hospital, Community Health Centre, one of Gordes, Kırkağaç State Hospital to the second, Bridgehead to the hospital first, Kula State Hospital 3, Soma State Hospital 1, Sarıgöl State Hospital 1, Sarıgöl Community Health Center 1, 2 Selendi Community Health Center, Soma State Turgutlu State Hospital Hospital 2 and assigned to one physician. In addition to the hospital one Sarıgöl anesthesiologist, Soma State Hospital ENT 1 Manisa State Hospital, the first medical oncology specialist and was appointed as an expert.

AK Party deputy of Manisa Victorious Citizen, the provinces of the specialist physician appointments kalmadığını reported missing. Citizen, Soma'ya two Kırkağaç Kula, Sarigol Saruhanli and a dentist appointment Turgutlu'ya said. Citizens living in the golden age of the field of health voicing deputy of Manisa, Manisa, the Ministry of Health have been scheduled for planning within the framework of the high-security forensic psychiatric hospital record,"Psychiatric Hospital in Manisa available not only serving our city, region and other provinces serve psychiatric patients. Psychiatric Hospital Current region where new construction is not allowed because it is a protected area. currently available Psychiatric Hospital A block of old, restored it there, but in its current form would not be able to continue there. Our goal is a new province to build a psychiatric hospital. aiming to build a new psychiatric hospital, forensic also found in patients, to establish a high-security forensic psychiatric hospital. Manipur governor on this issue, which I think is very important, Municipal Administration and health-related establishments should make the plot work as soon as possible."she said.

In the meantime, with a capacity of 560 beds, in collaboration with public and private sector under contract stating that the victorious state hospital Citizen,"the hospital had few barriers to the signing of the legal, they are exceeded. 560-bed hospital in a short time will be taken on the basis . Merkez Efendi, the planned construction of the garden of the State Hospital, a 400-bed state hospital project to be completed by TOKI, she came to our hospital in the tender process."he spoke.

89 physicians and 29 specialists assigned to Manisa" comments for.


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