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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:55

8th Anniversary Message from the President Ecevit's DSP Türker Death

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DSP Chairman Masum Turkey is the 8th anniversary of the death of Bülent Ecevit was published messages .

Ankara news: Photo DSP Chairman of the Turkish message , \"Our party founder, theorist , our General President , we commemorate Turkish politics, the virtuous and the honest people who made ​​his mark with Bulent Ecevit passed away 8 years in God's mercy, respect and longing . Photo Ecevit in honesty, nationalism, value given to the people , respect for labor , the sample is important guide for everyone to live a decent and behave. Ecevit , produce solutions with the people for the people's problems, taking power from the people for the people wanted was a political man moving . public interest for Ecevit party income before benefit from and personal use. Ecevit , mainly laborers , including the oppressed , millions of exploited and whose rights are usurped has been the hope of the people. the personality traits Ecevit , statesmanship , exemplary attitude and behavior, is a guide to the Democratic Leftist generation . Photo Ecevit doctrine is not limited to a human life. each individual in the DSP carries in his heart during the life of Ecevit and transmit the teachings for future generations. For this reason, the Democratic Left Party , has quite the presence of Ecevit will continue to live forever in the hearts of the people .
The circumstances of Turkey today , especially in foreign policy negativity can be overcome with the teachings of Ecevit . According to Ecevit's foreign policy doctrine, ideology , interests or not made ​​with Ekomomik romantic approach. Defined national interests in foreign policy axis. Negativity in today government's current foreign policy , can be overcome if national interests axis in foreign policy development .
Founder of our party with these thoughts and feelings , the theorist and love in the eighth year of the Democratic Left leader Bülent Ecevit passed away , respect, remembering the gratitude and compassion , we promise to where we had left DSP cherish forever , \"he said .

8th Anniversary Message from the President Ecevit's DSP Türker Death" comments for.


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