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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 15:47

90 percent of those who want to buy homes Benefit from the Internet

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Turkey amounted to 55 per cent in the number of Internet users , 90 percent of those who want to buy a house also benefit from the internet.

İstanbul news: Photo Previous year in rent or immovable caller for sale , newspaper ads , or when searching for real estate they need through real estate agents , real estate sites in the life to the internet last year , home , land, took the most important channel for the state of the real quest as job lot . Today, both dealing with real estate agents and real estate buying and selling internet was first preferred method for those who want to advertise individually. January 2013 report published by Digital House Hunt , and contains interesting information on the subject . According to the report, Google real estate search on mobile devices has increased by 253 percent over the last four years. Home seekers use the Internet as their primary search tool by 90 percent, while those who want to sell their home this percentage 52 action advantages offered by digital media is still the most important reason for this increase. Photo VISUAL AND COMMUNICATION WITH EASE users time brings in Photo Photo Ads and other interactions used in the ads , allows the user to do a detailed research is primarily concerned with the search of the immovable property in the digital environment . Users reach the seller by phone along with the research , make the e-mail application , bid , you can also use modules such as social media to share and recommend to friends. The real estate is not the only place , around schools , parks, public transport , digital ads can also focus on equipment such as natural conditions , to achieve the users'main goals are preventing having to scan the irrelevant data.
< Strong> INTERACTIVE PANELS saves time Photo GÜNDOĞDU CEO of nature , the industry's digital development of individuals in countries where consumption increased use of the internet especially in Western Europe that led to major changes of habit , he said. \"Now in the zone at any time , there are advantages offered by the various portals on the internet to achieve the desired real all the features. Emlaktown as we provide you with the buttons offer it. Price dispute due to unrealized sales from in order to prevent the loss of time due to technical infrastructure of our times that we'could offer'buyer with the property and bringing together seller on the internet , we know opportunity to make bargains for about real estate , \"said Gundogdu, Turkey has entered between the priorities of the countries that the internet in the real estate quest , they also noted that they continue to develop emlaktown.comfor this fact.
Studies show that 24 percent of real estate classifieds site located in the same day action is taken . Interactive features of the panel plays a big role in this success . In comparison classifieds ad page , add to favorites , save searches, when new ads features that provide interactive areas such as automatically sending mail , the internet brings a unique location for industry .

90 percent of those who want to buy homes Benefit from the Internet" comments for.


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