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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:04

95 percent of the success of trainees Game

95 percent of the success of trainees Game
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Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses (Game) within which the course Undergraduate Placement Exam (LYS) 95.6 percent of students' health has succeeded in winning.

Game Gaziantep Mayor Asim Güzelbey successful trainees who visit, awarded by Guzelbey. Winner of the Faculty of Medicine of the student laptop computer, which presents a variety of other students Guzelbey,"We have a model where we do. Want Spread across that this model of Gaziantep. Municipality where the students gather in our city is not a good financial situation. Prepare our children for an education and training season . Consequently, in the middle."she said.

shortage of education is in the middle of Gaziantep, on the other hand, the success rate of the municipality started a free college prep courses, which stated that certain Guzelbey said:"B of the ministers of the situation in Ankara members of parliament, told a meeting of the heads of industry and chambers of commerce. A new model look up, we have a model applied in Gaziantep. Bride's spread this model throughout Gaziantep. rooms, municipalities, special provincial administration under his hand, he put everyone. We To do that we are successful. maybe these guys are not our dershanemiz not going classroom. because most of them the children of limited financial situation."


In Game 14 thousand people since 2006 to offer equality of opportunity in education is reminiscent of the Game General Coordinator of Ramadan Dundar and over 180 points this year, the number of students eligible to enter LYS 500 thousand in thousand 434 people, he said.

SDK Dundar stressed that the success rate of 95.6 per cent, 99.5 per cent said that the success of the overall SDK. Winner of the number of students in four-year school 302, a two-year college student who won the 293, open education student who won the 71, the police vocational high school student who won college student who won the 49 and 8 overseas, he said.

main target as a municipality needs provide training to the students pointed out that the owner Dundar, for needy students between September 3 and September 18 they can apply for registration with the Youth Center Hakan Ozcan said. Students in front of communes had to be registered with a certificate of poverty, expressed or governorships Dundar, placement of students who enroll will receive exam, and accordingly they said.

Malatya Inonu University, Faculty of Dentistry, winning Zeliha Flower of the municipality if the course is no different from any other private educational establishments and teachers' quality is quite good private school education, he said.

Kırıkkale University School of Law Zeynep winner in the family and the schoolroom with the assistance of the Faculty of Sunflower won targeted university and the department, said:"We would like to thank the authorities of such a municipality offering. classroom to be free or paid does not matter. determination and outstanding effort of man is sufficient. However, the possibility of our to find friends who are important to me and my position.", he said.

Tekatlı Mehmet Fırat University, Electrical and Electronics Department of the desired part of the winning offer this opportunity in winning Game and municipal officials thanked him.

95 percent of the success of trainees Game" comments for.


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