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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:00

96 Stations of the Garanti Anatolian Meetings Had Kilis

96 Stations of the Garanti Anatolian Meetings Had Kilis
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Garanti Bank, held this year celebrating 12 years of Garanti Anatolian Meetings 96'ınc the meeting in the church.

Kilis news: Photo Alaeddin Slowly the meeting held at the Cultural Center World newspaper editorial writer Osman Saffet Arolat managing , Garanti Bank made ​​the conference keynote address Deputy General Manager Nafiz Karadere , Garanti Bank since 2012, organized by Garanti Anatolian Meetings 96'ınc that made ​​the meeting stating , \"Warranty Anatolian Meetings 96. we are happy to be staying at the church for the meeting. Garanti Anatolian Meetings are held in the four corners of our country since 2002 . 66 95 at the meeting we held in the province , we met 31 thousand over kobi'yl to . Turkey's economic, without departing from the social and cultural realities , the sectors we observe that the efforts to make strides and we tried to support the professional , uğraşıyoruz.yolculuğu our customers and on behalf of the development of areas they are in tangible, it provides concrete data , gave pleasing results, it continues to give . Today , listening to stimulating conversations, thinking together , calling together the answers to ask questions, this delay can-I will sincerely endeavor to compensate in the best way , \"he said . as a Photo at each meeting , before coming to Kilis Dr. Kenan Morten management , Kilisli a Joint Meeting of mind who stated that they perform Deputy Garanti Bank General Manager attended by entrepreneurs Nafiz Karadere , \"the summary of the meeting can be found in the seat in your book. As you can see in the Common Mental Notes , in Kilis 100 thousand hectares of agricultural land on the only 76 percent is used , and this area only watered about 20 per cent. of the agricultural production in Kilis is not enough alone, it clearly required the dissemination of modern production for the food industry. at this point, Kilis most valuable product comes into olives. as you know, olive, since ancient times the history of humanity is considered sacred. in the inscriptions, in the holy book , there is always the olives in the creation and establishment myths , delicious , nourishing, healing and health of the pupil all the supporting features , olive oil from the fruit , soap and a variety of cosmetics, oils can be converted into energy from the core is achieved. The non-Kilis Table Olives thin shell, is known for its small core and very high in fat . According to the information we gathered, olive yüzde25 done in the province and is estimated to be 60 thousand tons of annual production . Region, by inoculating the type of their olives, the olive tree has reached 1.8 million . The average oil production of 20 thousand tons . Again according to what we have learned , in the region , developing manufacturing soap with olive oil production and Kilis specific'Rose'he's called a soap . It seems that the potential of Kilis on olive production combined with the dynamism of entrepreneurship can make a crucial breakthrough. That's due to this reason , we asked you to share Ayvalik Olive Producers Association President Saleh us their experience Madra . You're not missing, crushing us. He , olives and how inference made ​​from the experiences in Ayvalik olive oil in Kilis soon to share with us. Dear Kilisli , I would like to add the following in particular:As you know, discussed a bill that could lead to the building up of smaller than 25 acres of olive groves in recent days. Mr. Madra also hope çalışıyor.u to move into the public agenda might produce what conclusions to Turkey olive of this bill , the studies will be protected our olive groves as a result , our ancestors we inherit , pupil us the ulaşacak.zeyt olive trees until our grandson , tableware our not going to be missing , \"he said .
due to Turkey's geographic location, regional , economic and social reasons it among the countries with dense population mobility highlight Garanti Bank Deputy General Manager Nafiz Karadere , \"so to speak Serve as a bridge in the area temporarily for some immigrants, for others, it is a long-term accommodation. Syrian civil war continuing beside us , Turkey, asylum, immigration and asylum policies , while entraining , leads to social turmoil will not derail easily.
you well as one on one experience , Kilis, is one of the most affected provinces of the situation. Container towns founded in the city attributed to the \"world's largest , five-star , well above the standard \"as adjectives, Kilis reveal that the sensitivity of this issue and care . Of course, state of the law, to be addressed in depth the social and economic dimensions , the development of policies to regulate coexistence , to avoid new social modellings gerekiyor.doğr a strategic planning and necessary for legal adaptation , to develop a culture of coexistence , it is possible to be converted into benefits. Today's second speaker is , for many years, the United Nations Refugee working in the High Commissioner and currently Asylum and currently holds the Presidency of Migration Research Center Text Çorabatır, us international experience regarding refugees and find durable solutions to make recommendations in the light . Common Mental Notes in Another salient issues, breaking Kilis its crust \"is ready to take the lead in the presence and value of production, three quarters of Kilis, including staying in Gaziantep borders , the establishment of a total of 46 thousand acres of planned Polateli-Sahinbey Textile OSB , said that played a key role. a Turkey Project is described as OSB , 1,356 companies where demand is coming is a proof of that. OSB , Kilis , we see a significant opportunity on behalf of the industry and to make economic progress . domestic consumption to employment in Kilis increased trade which further develops an environment where the creation of capital accumulation can be directed to areas with added value can be created. Today's speakers our Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Chairman Adil Konukoğlu, regional development will explain the importance of OSB collaborations. Polateli-Sahinbey OSB would bring to the city citing , on what we do shed light on our way . our last speaker , familiar to all of you at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty Professor Dr. Asaf Savaş Akat citing his 2015 predictions about the economy of Turkey , before ending my bulunacak.söz inferences for Kilis, our products and services for the needs of some of the data relating to the Garanti Bank's operations and business want to share briefly. Our today's meeting , on behalf of get realistic results for the future I believe will benefit us all , \"he said .
Then World newspaper editorial writer Osman Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Chairman of the Board in the management Saffet Arolat Fair Konukoglu , the United Nations refugee who worked in the High Commissioner and currently asylum and Migration Research Centre conducts Presidency text Çorabatır, Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Asaf War Ayvalik Olive Producers Association President Saleh made ​​presentations Madre .


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