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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:46

\"A Breath in Anamas \"Hiking

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Konya Beysehir the Gendarmerie 175'inc anniversary of the Organization \"within the Anamas a breath trekking\"event was held .

Konya news: Konya Beysehir the Gendarmerie 175'inc anniversary of the Organization \"within the Anamas a breath trekking\"event was held .
take care of the environment and nature , in order to live active and healthy is the symbol of Beysehir Anamas organized hiking in the foothills of the effectiveness of Selcuk University (SU) Rector. Dr. . Rights Gökbel Beyşehir Governor Muzaffar Başıbüyük , Konya Provincial Gendarmerie Commander of Gendarmerie Senior Colonel sure Dursun, Beyşehir Garrison and District Commander of the Gendarmerie Major Mustafa Ozdemir, Beyşehir Public Prosecutor Mehmet dormitory, Selçuk University, in charge of academics, Selçuk University, depending on the Beysehir Ali Akkanüt campus and Hugli faculties and schools located in the neighborhood managers, academics, Selcuk University Birdwatching community members, academics from Pakistan and Indonesia , Anatolia Eco Tourism and Sustainable Development Association President Prof. Dr. . Abdullah Öztürk , college students, Beyşehir Culture and Tourism Association depends on Beysehir Hiking Group members , families of martyrs and war veterans , gendarmerie forces and their families and many nature lovers attended.
SI , Rector . Dr. . Rights Gökbel , the Gendarmerie Corps held on the occasion of the anniversary of 175'inc activity located within the university community as a great pleasure , he said. In nature due to the activity and walking is a great activity that has taken place Prof expression. Dr. . Gökbel , \"I am a sports fizyologuy am . Its such a beautiful setting located in the'm very pleased . Beysehir really Konya in the best way , representing nature as the most beautiful of us reflects region . Such a beautiful area , such a nice activity yaşatılarak Gendarmerie Corps of 175.kuruluş celebrated the anniversary extremely nice amenities. our university not only I, as our guest, Pakistan and Indonesia from the academics among us . Together in nature walks , \"he said .
Collection center Beysehir District Gendarmerie Command in front of public transport starting with the movement of the convoy that create hiking events prior to the participants first visited the Valley of the stork in the neighborhood YEŞİLDAĞ . Here habitat of storks observed at a time and taking pictures of the participants , situated in the foothills of Mount Anamas Kurucuov later in the quarter with the texture of natural beauty and green İslibucak came into the fore . The six-kilometer route of the pine trees and the smell of thyme among the walkers starting participants and the protocol Anamas the summit of Mount the white linen , lush landscapes and during spring blossoms of a stroll , oxygen storage Enjoy lived.
Hiking the end of the trail at the forefront complement of men, women and children participants commemorate medals protocol was given by .
hiking activity ended after the participants Gölyaka in the neighborhood Kubadabad visit the Palace , while Lake Beyşehir around the round by throwing achieved artists'new venue, the'infinite Gratitude Village'was also visited . Participants mudbrick houses where artists had the opportunity to see firsthand visited . If participants stop Beysehir since last visit was Esrefoglu Mosque .

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