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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 20:58

A fire broke out in Sakarya, two villages were evacuated

A fire broke out in Sakarya, two villages were evacuated
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Turkey's forest fires is endless. This time, the fire engulfed the bee hives, villages were evacuated.

Sakarya 's Geyve district of the forest fire near the village of Alifuatpaşa Epçeler resort I continue. Fire threatening homes in the nearby village of beehives in burst into flames. two villages evacuated as a precaution.

Fire Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa Regional Directorate of Forestry teams and two fire-fighting helicopter from the air and land intervention was. However, the effect of the wind and the fire could not be controlled due to the steep terrain. Sticky Thread so far 40 hectares of forest fire damage, while a large number of beehives in the delivery of fire was.

decided to run the bleak air fighting helicopters. Fire Sakarya Regional Directorate of Forestry officials intervened, with the wind and the fire spread to a wide area said:"We have to work out why the site below. Or interruption in electrical cables. Might be him."He said.

authorities, on the other hand due to inadequate response teams villagers showed. Yet could not get the fire under control.


A fire broke out in Sakarya, two villages were evacuated" comments for.


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