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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:23

A first in Turkey on behalf of the disabled

A first in Turkey on behalf of the disabled
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Health-Sen Branch Chairman Abdulbaki One of Eskisehir , Eskisehir first time in Turkey between unions Health-Sen announced that they had established the Disability Commission .

Eskişehir news:
Disability Commission, along with members of Family and Social Policies Provincial Director Sultan Murat Aydin visit to the announcement, the Branch Chairman Thompson, Health You Eskisehir Branch of the disabled issues more closely monitor and authorities in order to convey Aaron Uluçınar headed between unions first time in Turkey Eskişehir Health-Sen established a Disability Commission said. Abdulbaki Thompson, \"a person's disability , his like other people live, work , and also to be successful, one is not precluded . Distress and difficulties , of course it will be . Yet despite everything, the joy of life in no way should be lost ,\"he said .
Thompson people with disabilities problem of society is a common problem stating that said ;
EASY tO WORK PHYSICAL arrangements should be made
\"Every healthy individuals a day with disabilities that there may be forgetting common sense and motion solutions must be produced a issue. States pass laws beyond the past , people with disabilities participate in social life the easiest way to ensure take measures and to keep under control is required. Handicapped our public employment should be provided for the public , especially in the private sector of business life take place in the main obstacles towards the removal of regulations urgently must be done . the public working in the disability staff, financial and social rights must not be punished , working conditions in terms of comfort can work physical arrangements should be made . \"
in addition, Family and social Policy Directorate and all kinds are ready to cooperate stating Thompson,\"local government by our disabled citizens for the institutions and urban physical arrangements as well as the manufacturing and service-oriented employment projects density should be , \"he said.
more active role to be undertaken
Views satisfaction with the voicing city Manager Aydın, Health congratulated you on this sensitive behavior . Aydin , the solution of problems and in promoting social awareness play a more active role , he said.

A first in Turkey on behalf of the disabled" comments for.


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