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  • 23 Eylül 2014, Salı 09:36

A Harbinger of Disease Disease Vertigo

A Harbinger of Disease Disease Vertigo
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Vertigo ( dizziness) is a disease said to be the precursor of a disease .

Trabzon news: Vertigo ( dizziness) is a disease said to be the precursor of a disease . Many people faced in everyday life
dizziness and imbalance , which provides information on the Medical Park Hospital ENT specialist Trabzon Oper . Dr. Ozcan is Acun'a , balance disorder caused by brain diseases not only the eye , in addition to the most common musculoskeletal disease in the inner ear balance disorders caused by disorders of the vestibular organ , he said. The most severe and the patient panic the streets in and sudden onset of dizziness, usually the inner ear that emphasizes Acun'a the \"inner ear hearing enables and cochlea called the organ of hearing, beside which maintains the balance organ in our coexists . Equilibrium body perpendicular to each other located three semicircular canals and their hearing organ of the cochlea connects to an intermediate compartment consists of . these intermediate zone gaps in the inner ear stones are located . inner ear of these organs inside filled with fluid , and our heads or our body movements of the right and left ear almost a scale work like balance provide us . inner ear plasters a on the few studies or overstimulation severe balance disorder and the patient's environment adaptation disrupting the patient's actually a non-rotating or pushing, disposal , such as the sense of movement and balance disorders causes , \"he said .
\"dizziness when taking the patient's balance in providing any kind of problem understandable \"he Acuner \"this situation head dizziness or unsteadiness , feeling the sudden departure of dizziness, space press or place under their feet slipping sensation, one side falling or disposed , feeling around the turns the feeling like having purses his lips to severe a finding is able findings so sudden onset can be either long and which in a certain position can come in such a manner olabilir.dön the complaints , nausea , vomiting, eyes shifting ( nystagmus) or visual değişiklil and ear fullness in the sound and even hearing loss may also occur . Inner ear diseases linked to dizziness, usually of sudden onset and severe olurlar.bun to the often nausea and kulakd plump , sound or hearing loss accompanied eder.bu such rotations severe Despite more benign in nature and will decrease over time and often dü the source, center head return the lighter rotations are , headache , numbness and even paralysis , eye movements , vision and speech disorders such different findings equations to edebilir.baş rotation findings in a few of the violent towards the variability and many accompanying symptoms because such patients and neurology as well as ear , nose and throat physician by the detailed evaluation is important, \"he said .
of patient symptoms and brain-induced rotation is to understand that some tests of the disease diagnosis is important for the noted Acuner , said:
\"These are ; evaluation of the inner ear and the hearing of hearing tests ( audiometry ) , in addition to some rotation and movement tests computed tomography or magnetic resonance (MR) imaging can be like . Dizziness itself a disease but an underlying cause of the symptoms of the main causes for the first treatment is required. If you positional vertigo dizziness cure it called the Epley maneuver and your doctor will apply some movement on the examination table you are at . These movements of some particles in the inner ear and the inner ear provides the stones into place . Other reasons Rest and medication use in patients with severe dizziness gerekir.baş serum stuck sometimes hospitalization may be required. Dizziness in patients with this condition can be applied at home to reduce the movements are some . They will describe to you or your doctor , or you will be given information brochures will be given . Dizziness towards these movements the patient , the balance can strengthen or firm other ear to maintain balance in the adaptation may increase ... Also fatigue and stress, dizziness increase and to induce the stress and strain in the removal is necessary . \"

A Harbinger of Disease Disease Vertigo" comments for.


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