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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 13:09

A letter to Israel from Istanbul Bar Association Bar Association

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Istanbul Bar Association President Av .

Istanbul Bar Association President Av . Prof. Hope Kocasakal , wrote a letter to the Israeli Bar Association , the assault on Gaza raised their voices against the legal perspective , Israel has asked the government to stimulate .
Istanbul Bar Association President Av . Assoc. Dr. . Hope Kocasakal , Israel Bar Association President Av . Doron Barzilay wrote to . Israeli forces in Gaza attacks indiscriminately innocent civilians orientation indicating Kocasakal , in his letter , \"the Bar Association and on behalf of humanity in Gaza against purely legal perspective raising your voice , your government to warn all humanity bothering this tragedy to stop for the occasion will see the necessary initiatives have the urge to \"he said . Kocasakal wrote to the Istanbul Bar Association as follows:
\"Mr. President,
you this letter , a lawyer sensitivity and awareness of the duties required , the Israeli operation in Gaza due to its'm writing .
as you know, your state in Gaza in action many of them children and women , including the number of dead as of 350 , the number of injured 2500 has exceeded . these dead and wounded risk of increase is alarming. this, as well as destroyed , burning homes, destroyed the infrastructure , hunger, thirst for power and inability to situations such as a full human tragedy constitutes .
Mr. President, subject to the political approach that I and my purpose it to indicate that I would. State of Israel and its citizens and terror attacks against security needs also am aware . Nevertheless, as you know, self-defense specific legal requirements is available. them the most important defense against the aggressor against and attacks is proportional to . Yet we live in the incident , Israeli forces attack, the attacker rather than against indiscriminate innocent civilians orientation and no proportionality does not . Therefore, the self-protection action/acceptance of self-defense and humanitarian law as it is not possible to be able to . How , for example in order to neutralize an attacker attacks unrelated to the killing of hundreds of people is considered a legitimate self-defense is the case here . A criminal to destroy a village in order to neutralize possible? Self-protection and self-defense , including nothing at home sitting by a bomb , shrapnel and giving life of infants, children , women and civilians death of a collective destruction and carnage can justify .
You closely as you know, such an application primarily a source of humanitarian law adopted in 1949 to the Geneva Conventions , especially Convention No. IV on the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War is contrary to . Really 4 contract and the accompanying protocols consisting of this contract , in the event of hostilities protection Mazhar no deliberate killing of military necessity to justify unlawful and arbitrary , extensive destruction is forbidden and any breach of contracts is .'ll Appreciate this size and against civilians killing , wounding and destruction of military necessity can not be reduced .
The same way ;
-the civilian population (1949 to the Geneva Conventions Appendix 1 of Protocol Article 50 in accordance with the armed forces belonging to everyone who covers ) or in conflict directly involved individual against civilians deliberately attack impel ;
-civil , ie non-military targets ( location or qualifications , in terms of military operations do not contribute , ie, seizure or destruction , even if the warring sides any military advantage structures ) against deliberate attacks impel ,
-obtained that anticipated concrete and direct overall military benefit compared to the clear intension to form , against civilians incidental loss of life or damage or civilian targets in the destruction or natural, large-scale environment , long-term and severe damage to lead to a known attack deliberately launch,
-vulnerable ( resistance without stating occupation suitable ) and military non-target cities, villages , settlements or buildings any manner whatsoever to attack or bomb them , to < br/> as this operation performed in many verbs , the 1949 Geneva Conventions clear violation , as well as in 2002 enacted the Permanent International Criminal Court ( Rome) Statute Article 6 according to a crime against humanity , Article 8 according to constitute a war crime is . Moreover, again, as you know , the Geneva Conventions of humanitarian law minimum common and hard core forming common Article 3 of these rules only in the international character of conflict , not in the nature of whatever any kind of conflict would be valid in foresee , the Rome Statute it in this way agrees . < Br/> Mr. President , we are lawyers and lawyers. A universal value based on justice, the members of a profession . Our nationality , our religion , whatever our ethnic roots are obligated to protect certain universal values ​​. Conscience or humanity as a requirement of this law might look at . On this occasion , a jurist , lawyer and 50,000 lawyers representing the Bar Association as president you personally , Baroda and on behalf of humanity in Gaza against purely legal perspective raising your voice , your government to warn all humanity bothering this tragedy to stop for the occasion will see the necessary initiatives have the urge to . No results doğurmas this initiative and even your posture , all of humanity will remain dignified and will be a valuable legacy . \"

A letter to Israel from Istanbul Bar Association Bar Association" comments for.


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