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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:44

A Meaningful Visit Submersible President

A Meaningful Visit Submersible President
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Honorary Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ahmet Kemal Baysak , Fountain Submersible elected as the Mayor Muhittin visited .

İzmir news: Honorary Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ahmet Kemal Baysak , Fountain Submersible elected as the Mayor Muhittin visited . Baysak , the Bosnian-born 30 March 2014 the President Submersible local elections due to be selected in the success and celebrated .
Cesme Alacati Mayor Muhittin diver during Mayor Ahmet Kemal Baysak stating that the nice services in this period, believes it will achieve successful operation , he said. Submersible , \"Fountain unique beauty and richness with . Our goal in Alacati, we caught synergies Fountain also claimed our city even further to deliver ,\"he said .
Bosnia and Herzegovina Honorary Consul General of Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina Cultural Associations Federation ( TBHKDF ) Founder and Honorary President Ahmet Kemal Baysak , Alacati of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the chairmanship of the diver with the city of Jajce reminded that they are sister cities . \"Mr. Diver's our country , particularly in Bosnia and Herzegovina , including among the Balkan countries the development of relations towards the contribution memorable \"he continued as follows:
\"Bosnia and Herzegovina , Montenegro and Serbia, Sandzak living in painters in Alacati, workshops and exhibitions ground Making just one example. Fountain Municipality during the period of such activities , the sister-city relationship by developing sustainable believe. Mr. Muhittin Submersible a petition've got . fountain an incredible geography will be held at a children's festival , among the countries of friendship and brotherly relations significantly to the development will contribute . \"
Karşıyaka Municipality Former President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Honorary Consul Baysan the guidance always welcome in saying that they will Cesme Mayor Muhittin divers , in the county of international children's festival organized to do the work they promised . Submersible , \"Your experience Utilising peace , brotherhood and friendship on behalf fountain worthy of activities will do,\"he said.
Fountain Mayor Muhittin Submersible success in the task wished Ahmet Kemal Baysak of the federation and Consulates General of the streamer with the printing and publication has undertaken , Bosnia and Herzegovina I Galijasevic Mug journalist-author penned in \"the tomb of Tears \"book, printed canvas photo of the Mostar Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet \"Ahdn it \"a facsimile of the tray was a gift.

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