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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:36

A Met Suvarlılı

A Met Suvarlılı
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Adiyaman Besni met Suvarlılı residing and working in the district 3. Perform traditional tea meeting.

Adıyaman news: In addition to the Suvarlılı
Meeting Suvarlı Bel Korkmaz , Mehmet Mayor also attended. In his statement Genghis Ökkeş undertaking a Photo Meeting organizer , \"First to us meeting our participating Suvarlı by left alone Bel Mr. Mayor Mehmet Korkmaz and I thank Suvarlıl of our countrymen .
Technology and trouble distancing of fellow interceded. We are trying to provide this purpose, the association meet every month and draw. the place where our citizens can and will move with how it is aware of the time we spent with them .
consultation as Suvarli and solidarity meetings continues . this month's meeting our town our Mayor Mehmet Korkmaz in participation by solidarity us to further confidence-building has been rendered unusable. met our goal as we mentioned earlier, to resolve our kopukluğu a variety of reasons , to socialize and to socialize , \"he said . < br/> later, speaking at the waist Suvarlı Mehmet Korkmaz Mayor expressed his satisfaction thanking Ökkeş Ahmet Cengiz and warm our organization scheme . President Korkmaz , he lives in the name of the town and Besni Suvarli who would do his best to give every support .

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