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  • 28 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 12:02

A New Hope for the Treatment of Down Syndrome

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Prof. Dr.. Falls Farmer, now the families of individuals with Down syndrome on their own without any assistance would be possible for the sustainability.
Istanbul Science University-Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals and Down's Syndrome Association, jointly led health center for Down syndrome."Down Syndrome Research and Application Center"with the name, this volume of Down syndrome physical and mental health and to improve the quality of life for all medical service and medical examinations, treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation is aimed at achieving. Universities, hospitals and associations jointly by the protocol, on Friday Sciences University Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital Research Center at the Conference Hall was signed.
Signing ceremony, speaking at the Down Syndrome Association President's Day Scholar,"clinical Down's syndrome children and adults' health to meet the needs of residence to remedy the problems the way a turning point and that soon a regional center of excellence expects to be"reported.
Scholar in Turkey and in the region such an association existed, and Down syndrome families of children such education and health center needs to be had such embarked on a path that was expressed.
knowledge he continued :"D owner's syndrome children were born from their families and their will be next to an association needed. our children is born, for diagnosing later educational rights and school law until he got to many issues difficulties they live. herein families union and to express themselves in such a union have created and association have."
"19 YEARS AGO SO embarked on a journey I"
he, too, 19 years old with Down syndrome have a son stated that the Diviner,"I have two sons eldest son 19 years old with Down syndrome is a young man, a young man. born when the conditions of Turkey today I did not like was different than we can reach any source , the support we can get anywhere we saw that, unfortunately, and my own means some information I have reached, but then I realized I had. Languages ​​or no to go abroad without the possibility of thousands and tens of thousands have family in our country and this information, these opportunities with people limited and must not, all children transmitting got, so I 19 years ago, such a journey started, over the years, thousands of children, thousands of families have met with., in 2009 three friends came together and Down Syndrome associations have established,"he said.
given education of his son 6 years old, illiterate learned information that tells, for 19 years, children with Down syndrome What better done work for him, he added.
Information associations established the goal of both Down syndrome children, adolescents, adults of all ages with Down's syndrome individuals, as families, and professionals, and also all members of society on this issue to raise awareness, and they need access, education and access to health services provide said.

"DOWN SYNDROME A CHILD'S EDUCATION LATEST two months old should begin"
at an early age the child's education should be initiated pointed out that the issue of knowledge,"children with Down syndrome are born from the moment with the training high levels of work are able to reach a very comfortable reading and writing can learn, inclusive education can receive, jobs enter can work and society's productive individuals become able. born from the time of onset of training should I say, at least two months in the training should begin. Now you will say two month old baby, what training is provided . the two-month baby also head to keep the eyes objects to follow, perceptions like opening that level, starting from the child's faculties developed, capacity evolves age according to the varying different training programs out there,"he said.
Offered center for 19 years, dreamed and realize it lot of effort information that tells,"This was my dream, my son since birth dreamed of a place where I was and now it at the opening ceremony is going to be really a great happiness. these not only for Turkey Balkans and the Middle East, in our country the neighboring region in the really notice creates a very important development,"he said.
Information 19-year-old Down syndrome son, Robert, the magazines and reading, like listening to music and also photographing's largest hobby, he said.
at the signing ceremony, speaking Science University Rector. Dr.. Falls Farmer,"Medicine is a profession beyond being for humanity undertaken extraordinary responsibility. Istanbul Science University, Down Syndrome Association in cooperation with the established Down Syndrome Research and Practice Center and available specialists with Down's syndrome individuals with any medical examination, treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation of the As Turkey's first medical university to do a task that falls to them, they were honored as the university undertakes a policy,"he said.
In Turkey, it is a center that emphasize the farmer,"Truly this in Turkey, a very great need. individuals with Down syndrome, maintenance of nowhere as a whole is not made. This need is, we all know the fact that in this world such a center does not exist. All age groups of individuals with Down's syndrome individuals and their families in all branches of health care will give. in this whole medical examinations, treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation as a whole are located,"he said.
of Down syndrome for the first time in 1886, a British doctor, John Langdon Down defined, so the disease the name of the disease, which describes the doctor's name comes from an expression that DR. Farmer,"Science at the University Dr. Down'n give the name of the syndrome 'Down' instead of 'Up syndrome' name in the literature to spend our common goal and greatest wish,"he said.
Dr.çiftç at the center of Down's syndrome children would be learning to pregnant mothers and fathers for the work that was expressed.
"Today's diagnosis possibilities are known, but more diverse biochemical processes, perhaps early diagnosis can be more of a team, or in the process of children in the womb of the mother-existing heart abnormalities, skeletal abnormalities, muscle abnormalities can be corrected them, these corrections can be made in the intrauterine period."
DR. Farmers also of Down syndrome is not a disease, it is a chromosomal abnormality that was expressed.
Istanbul Science University Senate approved by the decision in this cooperation to date and realistic data positive and sensitive approach families decided with due respect, is aimed at. In this center, individuals with Down syndrome and their families collectively engages with life could establish individual follow-up and treatment, as well as national and international level scientific research and application-oriented technologically equipped R & D projects done with the public will be shared.
In the clinic all fee pricing, the SSI notification will be made in accordance with University Hospitals Health Practice. In our country and in our region, which will eliminate the need for significant opening of this clinic with Down syndrome was greeted with great joy by the family. Health needs of children and adults with Down syndrome are focused on these issues will be made by experts to be one of the important features of the clinic. In the center, in the Middle East and the Balkans, first as a regional center of excellence are exemplary.

A New Hope for the Treatment of Down Syndrome" comments for.


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