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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:34

A New Wave of Immigration Alert

A New Wave of Immigration Alert
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Mardin-Syria Platform President Mehmet Timurağaoğl is due to the civil war in Syria, Turkey, noting that many faced with the huge wave of immigration , Rasul Ayn (Ser Kania ) said people are ready to migrate in a way they expect .

Mardin news: Photo Mardin Mardin speaking Platform of Civil Society Organizations in consultative meeting held at monthly intervals-Syrian President Mehmet Timurağaoğl Platform , gave information about the Syrian living in Mardin. According to Mardin official data , temporary residence certificate issued 102 thousand Syrian refugees fingerprint give an expression that Timurağaoğl , \"the fingerprint received 102 thousand refugees, who are able to formally understand their data fingerprint given that he lived in Mardin. But unofficially this figure across the province doubled we believe that close. as Mardin people , our neighbor to abandon civil war due to land in Syria , Mardin we have built to extend a helping hand to the refugees that guests to our country-Syria Cooperation Platform, so far found 4 million pounds worth of in kind and in cash assistance . our Help , hereinafter then will continue to increase mainly due to the approaching winter. Only God's sake made ​​considering these benefits, our city within the legal fraternity , reflecting the spirit of Mardin are delivered all immigrant brothers and sisters who as our guest , \"he said .
\" a NEW iMMIGRATION with WAVE CHALLENGE may remain \"Photo Syria every day that continued to upset the people of the slightly increased incidences transfer Timurağaoğl ,\"the conflict continues in Syria, especially the neighbor who is causing anxiety and fear in the city. Because we all have relatives there , have relatives . The unrest has increased in our discussions with our relatives , we learn that even in the calm before the best start to grumble than good. Expanding battlefield narrowing people's lives a little bit more with every passing day. Especially in the face of the county town of Sanliurfa , known as Rasul same Ceylanpýnar have everyone pick up their homes , have taken with them their valuables ready and waiting in the immigration form . Furthermore Rasul , also known as the county's population is very dense, I think that there are similar perturbations in other nearby areas , \"he said .

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