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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 17:28

A Night Full Songs have live Bozüyük

A Night Full Songs have live Bozüyük
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Bozüyük Municipality Turkish Folk Music Choir , \"Summer Concert \"program was a memorable night with folk lovers .

Bilecik news: Bozüyük Municipality Turkish Folk Music Choir , \"Summer Concert \"program and song lovers an unforgettable night lived.
Municipal Wedding Hall open to the public and free of charge , given the conductor of the choir , and linking teacher Mehmet Uysal led the chorus \"Summer Concert \"from program has seen great interest . The concert hall is fully charged Caregiver program Bozüyük Fatih Mayor , Disabled Association President Ismail Steel Councillors joined with many guests .
Speaking at the Head Caretaker, this beautiful night in the preparation involved Choir chef Mehmet Uysal and the choir took part in thanking everyone , docile as a valuable mentor the work of the municipalities within pursue his satisfaction expressed . Caregiver , \"This evening is very nice here , very valuable with a chorus together. We our teacher ever usually always in the rush we listened . Us this evening Conducting also showed . Then to us in a much more beautiful concerts lived are confident that . Subsequent our concert I hope the first time open will perform in the air saying, \"was presented flowers to tame .
belonging to various regions in the concert choir and solo works including a total of 18 songs were performed. 7 of the work has been pursued as a solo concert held in two parts and both parts of the song took place at 9 . It was like a feast of folk songs lovers'ears at night where there was rust deleted .

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