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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:46

A Peace Ambassador in Turkey Road

A Peace Ambassador in Turkey Road
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Italian-born Argentine Gustavo Ignacio, (31 ) a radical decision taken 16 months ago on the road to world peace .

İzmir news: Life's credit cards , mobile phone and wristwatch brings young man , he started his journey from Spain Santiago de Compostela , aims to end in Jerusalem. Europe is walking past and so far eight thousand kilometers of mileage peace envoy who was the last stop in Turkey Izmir . Journey to 12 pairs of shoes old and 23 pounds , which fell into the path of adventurous Ignacio Yaşar University. Photo ROTA the Middle East OR turned Photo economy education field and Gustavo Ignacio , who served for many years in the logistics industry in the area , I decided to take a step to world peace in a time where spiritual dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Gustavo also has the support of families living in Italy last year, first sailed from Spain to Santiago de Compostela . However, 800 kilometers of road passing through the young people who turn route to the Middle East by finding enough for her adventurous , children of the increasingly war-torn Jerusalem and decided to extend a helping hand to the elderly. Photo The biggest supporter of firefighters < br/> begins the journey so far in Spain , Portugal , France, Italy , Albania, Macedonia, Greece Gustavo came to Turkey last and final stop was Izmir . Completely walk all the people on their journey carried stated that the message about world peace Gustavo, said he saw great support from all the country's firefighters . Photo ME İLYAS NAME wore Photo Gustavo the way to exit the story is told as follows \"I had for $ 525 in my pocket when I go on the road. Now no penny of 5 in my pocket , but I am far happier than before that 16 months. last year I had a job and nobody had no debt . However, I feel unhappy and unsatisfied. I think television does not reflect the real world. Display permanently as reflecting the battle scene for the audience. But the real people actually want to live in peace in the world. it is time all these old road. happened to me a bad thing at all. on the contrary, everyone handed me a helping hand to learn that I was on the road caused recognize me. at times tent from time to time those who guests me home I stay with him. I was not hungry any time . However, I was the biggest supporter of the fire department organizations. Which I go to fire service organizations in the country in my shower , met my every need , such as food and clothing . They even put me Elijah name for his firefighter connotations my name in Bursa. \"Photo entries made ​​by Turkey from Istanbul also loved that specifies Gustavo Ignacio, address greeted the great hospitality at Yaşar University came by chance to ask . With students chatter Gustavo Ignacio, life, touring , loving , and that he had for the people who need it. Weapons of Ignacio explaining that bring peace to this world , he continued as follows:\"in the people's agenda already no war and evil , helpfulness of the main agenda of people wherever I went , kindness and peace I saw that . Life is not as bad as shown on television . Now you should have the whole world aware of it . My next route from Izmir, Antalya , Hatay, Turkey and Cyprus. Go through Syria for that war to whether, I intend to travel by ship from Cyprus to Jerusalem. I'll help to children and elderly victims of war when I got to Jerusalem. \"


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